''Unless my womanly insticts are failing me, you....like me too, don't you?" -Vivi

''Unless my womanly insticts are failing me, you....like me too, don't you?" -Vivi
Oh my crappy GIMP rendering, trust me..rendering South Park characters in SP orm is hard T_T but oh whatever. I'm so damn lazy, i had this done afew hours ago, but was too lazy to upload it on Blingee xD. The picture looks too dark o_o' Oh well. Hehe, I'm addicted to 'All To Myself' By Marinas Trench, the song fits Vivi & Kyle x3 I'll write a fanfic to this Picture, don't know when i'll have it finished though. ----------------------------------------------- Kyle & Vivi - Lucky To Finally Have You (This Is In Vivi's Perspective, & first person, so the I's & Me's will be from her. Not me. So it will be more detailed & stuff that is hard for me to add to a regular Roleplay Fanfic. I suck at explaining stuff lets just get on with it!) ''Kyle, can i see you..behind the dumpster? If you don't mind. I..have to confess something to you. Away from everyone else..Its importiant i have to tell you now.'' I said, nervously. I saw that the rest of the gang were pressureing Butters to kiss that girl who worked at Raisins. Some were betting Butters wouldn't be able to kiss that girl, some were betting he would. I heard yelling & Butters saying, ''Oh i can't do this! - Yes i can! NO I CAN'T!' I DON'T K-KNOW!'' Kyle said sure, & We went over there. I was hoping he wouldn't reject what i'm about too say, & that Cartman that fat garbage doesn't ruin the moment. ''Listen..You are a awesome, loyal, nice, smart, cool.... *Etc Etc, i just told a dictonary of nice words about them. I stopped after Kyle got bored more than flattered. I swear if it weren't for the dumpster shadeing Kyle i could of sworn i saw a tint of pink on his cheeks. Maybe because we are all alone & he likes me? Oh, im not sure..Would he like someone like me? I'm so different. I continued to talk. ''And well..You do just great things for people, you changed alot if you ask me. And even before you were never a bad person..I'm starting to-- Well im kinda--..getting..to like you. Alot more. Kyle then said, ''Thanks Vivi, this means alot. But its sorta the wrong time to say this stuff to me..I'm trying to make Cartman stop peer pressureing Butters, & the rest of the gang.'' He sighed, & looked at them doing so. ''Why are you doing this anyway? Pretty random of you. But hey, i have to say the same for you..you are pretty cool.'' A slight smile appeared on Kyle's face, making me blush sense his smiles are so beauiful.'' I coughed, then said ''Thanks.'' ..''Its just Kyle.. I'm kinda..lost for words what im trying to tell you..Remember that time, when i got cancer, & when all my hair was falling off i started crying? Kyle blushed & nodded his head. I continued. ''Well..as you remember..you shaved your head..j-just to make me feel better..That..that just..was so nice i couldn't believe u did that.That left me purified! & when i was running out of air..You just..gave me your air to breathe so i'll survive...'' Kyle then said, ''Yeah well, i hated my hair anyways..not to mention I care for you..all my friends really.'' My heart sank alittle, all that time i thought he did that for a-different reason. ''Hey Vivi, remember that time when you saved me & fatass from drowning after Cartman's fat was sinking me down that water flood?'' I said, ''Yeah i'll never forget that! But really you saved your own life. You taught me how to swim, along w/ Stan teaching me ^^. Do you remember when Cartman & Fran pranked me & you help me prank them back?'' Kyle then said, ''Oh, Oh, remember when you stopped me from burning down the whole school, saying that im beauiful no-matter what a piece of paper says, with words wrote by mean snobby kind of girls? that meant so much to me..you really made me feel better about myself :)'' ''Yeah I do...Broflovski...I think, im starting, to, Like LIKE you.'' Kyle tilted his head & blushed alot & was seeable. ''You..you like like me?.. no girl ever really like liked me before...I mean yeah i had past relationships..never lasted. They never enjoyed being with me. Just liked me for my lips..& ass.'' I then said, ''What!? thats...thats horrible!..I'm so sorry..'' Kyle after said, ''Are you sure you like me? not Stan? or Kenny?...Stan is the jock...course all girls will go after him.'' I inturrupted him, ''Not this time'' I kissed his cheek & hugged him. He wasn't exactly hugging back, just opened-mouth frowning/blushing, surprised abit. I could tell, he does this when people randomly hug him. Then after i felt two arms touch my back.. he hugged back. Then i moved my face next to his. & blushing.. I was kinda surprised i haven't nosebleeded yet. He started touching my hair & i turned my head & walked away abit blushing hiding my blush. Kyle said, ''Whats wrong? .. Is it because i haven't said anything yet to you? Vivi! i like like you too!'' I gasped. ''You're so pretty, smart, funny, & always knows how to have fun & take care of people's problems!'' ''I'm so sorry i've been hiding these feelings..I..love you! Ugh, i feel like a bad person..im so sorry..'' I held Kyle's hand, & kissed his cheek. ''You don't have too..Be mine Kyle Broflovski.. please'' Kyle nodded his head, tried to capture my lips & kiss me, But i stopped him quickly. ''Wait! I-I don't know how to kiss!'' Kyle said, ''Well.. I-I can teach you..'' After he said some things, steps, like: ''First, Lean..then pucker your lips..but not too puckerish because you'll look stupid..then close your eyes..it accually just..happens.'' Then our lips touched, for afew seconds atleast. After we really got into it & kisses longer, eyes closed, & he held me alittle..After i looked at him. ''M-My first kiss..Does that mean-- I mean do you want to be--'' Kyle said yes. I blushed..''I hope nobody will be mean & say we're too young for love.'' Kyle said, ''Lets not listen to them. They don't understand us at all.'' Cartman, on the dumpster, then said, ''Yeah nobody understands why a Christian/Catholic likes a Jew.'' I looked up, blushed, & said loudly, ''What are you doing here!? go away!'' Cartman laughed, then i saw Kyle slowly get angry. I stared at trash on the floor. ''Hey Grimace, eat this!'' I threw some trash at him, like small bottles & half-bitten apple. Cartman fell off yhe trash can, he was okay but he started attacking me w/ words. ''You crazy bitch! you could of damaged me!'' Kyle stepped up. ''Well you deserves it fatass!..& don't attack my..Girlfriend.'' He held onto my hand & smiled. I smiled aswell. Cartman said, ''Later freaks, i hope you enjoy your stupid crazy dumbass love!'' & after he went to gossip we are now dating. I didn't care, sure i was worried alittle what would happen. But sense Kyle will be by my side, every little thing, will be okay ♥ After we kissed again, I am really lucky to finally have him.
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