Darkness part 2~

Darkness part 2~
Okay here's part 2 XD the one with a pony tail is my friend's chracter evil blazy i made the look to let's continue Oh and i have a contest for Hanaakages new look it's still open XD okay here we go: Hanakage: *passed out* Evil Blazy: o_o Hanakage? Haylie: *grabs blazys arm* don't go near her...she's under her dads controll now... Evil blazy: WHAT?!?! HANAKAGE!!!!!! Hatylie: SHUT UP! D:< DO YOU WANT HIM TO COME- *twichings* S***! RUN!!!!!!! Evil blazy: holy s*** o-o' Mckayla: *behind mephiles* Hello you 2~ i'm the one who has commen- Haylie: SHUT UP! YOU ONLY HAVE COMMEN SENSE TO JOIN HANAKAGES DAD! Mephiles: =-=' dear god.... Mckayla: i got an idea Mephiles: what? Mckayla: RUN! *grabs mephiles and flips him over putting him i a head lock* HAYLIE! BLAZY! GET HANAKAGE OUT OF HERE Haylie and Evil blazy: *nods* okay Haylie: *get's hanakage* Evil Blazy: let's go Mckayla: GUYS! GO NOW! I CAN'T HOLD HIM FOR MUCH LONGER Haylie: *runs* Mephiles: *get's mckayla off of him* son of a b**** Mckayla: d***.... this won't end good..o-o' Amaterasu: *comes in and growls* Mephiles: look heh a wolf Mckayla: YES! >:D Mephiles: why say yes? Haku: miss me? I recover quickly.... Mephiles: f***.... Haku: *smirks* chaos Spirit! Mckayla: DANGGGGGG *runs* Amaterasu: *knocks haku on her or him(IDK) and runs) Haku: WEEEEEE :3 Evil blazy: *with haylie* wheres... !?!? Haylie: she recoverd Evil blazy: oh
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