ѕтяαιи - // нσριиg тнιѕ ℓσνє ιѕ яєαℓ <3

ѕтяαιи - // нσριиg тнιѕ ℓσνє ιѕ яєαℓ <3
*Aww this recolor is so cute! I think this is one of my best recolors!! *U* I love Strain. By the way, Fran isn't a bad person. So don't hate her, my sister made her & Fran is pretty darn cool. Vivi can be bitter abit & say some lies about Fran because SHE (Vivi is a she, im so sorry for calling her a 'he' My keyboard sucks xD) hates Fran alot. But Fran is pretty nice & cool. All the ppl at her school like her, just not Kyle & Vivi. This is for my sister AmuRimaKittu =3 please be a fan of this couple, its REALLY cute! <3 I will make a Fanfic for this couple very soon!* -- ~Stan's POV~ So, we have a History project at school.. Im hoping NOT to get paired with Wendy, I don't want her back. Vivi has been trying to get me over her. . . but sadly, its not working. I dont know what to do! i miss her, yet i hate her. Ugh! i hate love! But..im starting to get mixed feeling for the most prettiest girl in the school. I mean shes sorta annoying to me, yet sweet. I don't know her well... I can tell she had a crush on me when i was still dating Wendy. I'm not very sure i should date her anyway. I might give up on love. Worried who i will get, Ms. Garrison picks Vivi & Kyle as partners. I can already hear the fireworks in Vivi's head, excited to get an A+. And work with her boyfriend. She scooted her desk near Kyle. I turned my head noticing Kyle is happy aswell & kisses Vivi. So he wanted to be teamed up with Vivi & really not me. Figured xP. Last but not least..i got teamed up with... Fran. Yes, the girl who has a extreme crush on me. Mostly me, she has crushes on others boys too. Shes a booty caller, one reason why im not sure why i should date her. She smiled. Then scooted her desk over. Wendy got paired with Craig, another boy Wendy is hoping to date. She looked at me, i turned my head embrassed. Fran said, ''Don't mind Wendy she should be off your mind anytime soon~ shes not the one for you anyway! trust me. You'll find someone better, like, me. ;)'' I sighed blushing. How flattering. Then i smiled. ''Well, I think Vivi & Kyle are working on Judaism. (I heard them from over there talking about it, & Kyle mentioning more stuff about it he learned Vivi might not know.) Cartman, i heard, said, ''Stupid Jew love! haha! You guys are totally gonna get an F- you dorks!''. Then i heard Kyle yelling @ Cartman & Vivi saying ''theres no F- retard'' or something like that, i couldn't hear her well because Kyle was yelling too loud. Then Ms. G made them stop. Fran said, ''Wow, violent they are~ i feel bad for Kyle though, he really never deserved this~'' I nodded, it was true. ''So, do you want us to copy them or something?'' Oh jeez, i totally said no. I know how furious Kyle & Vivi will get, mostly Vivi. ''How about something completely different? like, Catholics or something?'' Fran said it was okay, but then suggested Athens & Sparta. I was surprised. She DOES pay attention in class! All this time i thought she would be fileing her nails or something in class, that or texting. I agreed with the idea totally, and we went over some ideas about them. Was i bonding with her? wow. When class ended she invited me to her house. Everyone loves her house, even Vivi. Its pretty big like Token's. & has tons of toys. I said ''Definately'' & went with her. She opened the big doors to the house. I gasped in a surprised way. It looked amazing inside than outside. I ran inside playing with the toys & exploreing the house. I can tell Fran must of been really flattered that i liked her house. Then she followed me & we forgot about the project & started playing with toys. Soon i remembered & we both got to work. After a long hour of pasting writing & printing out images of Athens & Sparta on Fran's cool computer, we finished. Fran is such a hard worker, it impresses me. ''I don't know Stan, something..seems to be missing.'' I turned my head to her, ''What is it? everything seems great Franny!'' Franny, a nickname for her. She blushed at the nickname & smiled then looked away at something. ''Well, what do you think we need?'' She said maybe a video, you know, something Vivi or Kyle, or any of the other students wouldn't think of. Sounded unique and fun. So i told her sure & the next day, sense she had none, i brought my video cam & some props i bought online. We went to her huge backyard & started the video..she looked cute in that Athens outfit..she said i looked good as a Spartan..i blushed & started the acting. When we were done, i decided to hang out with her & know more about her. Thats until my friends came to talk to me about me hanging with her. ''You guys don't understand! Fran is cool! if you knew her more, shes really fun & sweet!'' Kenny, muffled voice, said ''Yeah, Fun as in s*x dude!'' Kyle then said, ''Dude this isn't right, you might..you know, fall in love w/ her!'' Cartman said, ''The Jews right dude! besides, what happened to that bitch Wendy?'' I told them i don't love her anymore, then i said i don't care about your negative responces about Fran, shes amazing! then i ran away & didn't talk to them till History projects were due. Vivi & Kyle went up to present their project first, i was hoping us next. I looked at Fran smiling. She did the same back. Wendy payed no attention when i looked at her. Craig got a kiss on the cheek from Wendy trying to make me abit jealous. But i shook my head, & looked at the front of the room. Soon Vivi said the conclusion to it all & messed up on the last few sentences. Fran giggled & Cartman pointed at Vivi, laughing. I couldn't help but chuckle quietly. Vivi blushed & hmphed. Then when Kyle & Vivi went to sit down, Kyle said its ok to Vivi & you did a good job. Why can't my relationship be like theirs? v.v Then Fran & I went to present ours. Our teacher was impressed. When we got to the video he laughed. Then said A+. Kyle surprised, said ''Awesome work dude!'' & Fran smirked at Vivi. Vivi, forceing a smile at me, said ''Yeah..nice job ^^' '' I was hoping for a B but w/e. Before i can go, Fran said she wanted to announce something. Curious, i paused to hear. She announced something i never expected. Her feeling towards me. Kyle said i knew it. Everyone else gasped & Wendy rolled her eyes. I blushed & looked away as i started to make barfing sounds. Not here..not now..im in love again..I want to be in love with her, but she'll just break-up with me the minute i start puking! then i saw Fran smile & hug me from behind. ''Oh Stanley! these last weeks have been so fun with you! i really like you... please, can you be mine? oh i'll be so nice to you!~'' I couldn't say anything sense i was holding back my puke. She stood in scilence, everyone else did too. Then when i turned around. I puked alot of Fran. Vivi snickered & i felt embrassed. Fran seemed to not care. She loved me, too focused on love to see her puke stained clothes for the next 2 months, too focused to say a girly, ''Ewww! or gross Stan!'' just focused on me, & how much she was in love with me. Soon she knew what to do. She touched my cheek, & gave me a loving kiss on the lips. Wide eyes, i didn't know what to do. So i kissed back. Wendy hissed at the fact i'm kissing Fran, & Vivi sighed at the fact one of her friends will now date Fran. I don't care. Shes just amazing!
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