Kyle & Stan are just Besties 4 life! :3 (Anime boys)

Kyle & Stan are just Besties 4 life! :3 (Anime boys)
I kinda like Style but not so much, same with Kyman... i prefer them all friends no yoai intended! :3 :.:Lez be friends Kyle & Stan singing:.: All boys: FIN GER BANG! Stan: Its the year of FINGERBANG! Kyle: You better take a shower tonight girls, cause your gonna get dirrrty >;3 Kyle: Yeah! its your boy! Kyle! Stan: L-L-lets walk! Kyle & Stan: If a girl wont come round, Kenny & Cartman: She must be a lesbian! Kyle: Or turns u down! K & C: She must be a lesbian! Kyle: If she dont liek me~ K & C: She must be a lesbian! Kyle: I'll let her down LIGHTLY... Stan: Youi must be a lesbian. Kyle: Im at a party, Ima girl machine! im gonna have sex with them all if u know what i mean! Stan: Its like a sweet sixteen, Kyle: But the girls are EIGHTTEEEEN!~ Stan: And i can't wait to peel them like a Tangerine!~ Kyle: Im gonna,go down on em like a submarine! Stan: Submarines are fun HEHEHEHEEE~ Kyle: I walk to a hottie with my boyish charm~ *whistle* But before i start i hear a rape alarm its going, WOOP WOOP Kyle: I CAN'T FEEL MY EARS I THINK THERE BLEEDIN FROM THE--- WOOP WOOP! Kyle: I can't work at why these girls are screaming, IM THE BEST LOOKIN BOY IN THE WORLD! Stan: Ohh wait i bet she likes kissin' girls?... -Theres more then that but too lazy to write more -w-
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