Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael - HEALING - - - - - Raphael (God has Healed or Shining One Who Heals) & The Angels of Healing - - - - - The mighty Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. The name Raphael means "God has healed" and is based on the Hebrew word "rapha" which means "healer" or "doctor" hence he is also known as the physician of the angelic realm. He is charged with the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. As well as conducting general spiritual healing directly upon the ill or injured, when working with the individual Raphael begins with purifying your mind and erasing false beliefs as it is your thoughts that trigger health problems, not your body. Raphael also guides human healers (both traditional and alternative) in knowing which earthly treatments or energies to use on their patients. Invoke Raphael's presence to clear blocks within the energy body so that the flow of universal life-force energy can heal both the cause of the block and its physical manifestation. Health and vitality are your natural state of being. Ask Raphael to guide you with clarity and love in your process of healing and feel free to invoke Raphael on behalf of another person but remember he cannot interfere in their free will. Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth Ray or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing...
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