Dr. Conrad Murray::: the man charged with HOMICIDE, murder of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray::: the man charged with HOMICIDE, murder of Michael Jackson
This is his MUGSHOT from a Domestic Violence (Abuse) charge.......... Michael Jacksons cause of death is HOMICIDE.. that is the coroners report from 2 autopsies to be sure. His Live In doctor is the suspect because of the way that night went. Its unbelievable what happened. After giving michael his cocktail of drugs which Michael TRUSTED him with he was supposed to watch him.. he did not, he left for 45 minutes to make phone calls. When he came back Michael was not breathing. The coroner says that the body was definatley moved after Michael had passed away, we do not know where Michael had gotten the last shot of more medicine that eventually triggered other medicines to malfunction and stop his breathing to cause cardiac arrest. Michael was asleep through it thank god. So, we know Murray moved him to the lawyers room and we know he performed C.P.R. to try to revive Michael, (after 45 min of Michael not breathing)..on the BED and not on the hard floor where he is supposed to. This is a man who says he specializes in the HEART (cardiology) he continued to perform cPR for 20 minutes and WITHOUT calling 911 !! He also stopped cpr for a moment to find Michaels oldest son Michael 1 (Prince) and bring him to his father so Prince could see he was trying to revive his father. A total of 30 minutes went by where Murray performed CPR on the BED. He also injected michael with another drug he says was supposed to revive him. After 45 minutes of Michael not breathing and 30 minutes of the incorrect cpr.. Michael was gone. There is just no way somone could go that long without breathing! But Murray called 911 finally and told them that he found Michael on the bed (lie) and that he had performed cpr and was going to continue doing so. He did continue the cpr but still ON the bed. Even if he panicked and didnt remember that a human needs a FLAT surface for CPR in order to ever be saved - as a doctor I am sure that after 30 minutes of this he could finally think of it! But he did not. The ambulance came and saw that Michael was still on the bed and then they took over trying to save him not knowing just how long Michael had been unable to breathe and how long his heart had stopped. The LA Police has now filed MANSLAUGHTER charges and they are still going through the evidence they found in Murrays home, and many offices. They also went through neverland and the new home Michael had looking for more evidence of just how far this doctor had gone with his very very strange way of treating Michael. I just cant' get out of my head that the last thing Michael ever did was ask someone for help to sleep, remembering that he had slept under that particular drug before and been WOKEN by many other doctors.. the last thing he did was TRUST SOMEONE.
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