all bout jessica xx

hi i am jessica i have blonde hair and blue eyes i like gymnastics i like to plat football i dont cear if iu am a girl lolll xxxi luv ma skool but sum time it can be boring because of the teacher xx
i luv all ma matezz out there libby,katie,hannah,tabbie,debbie,faith,nicola,nicole, steph,sharee,liam,luke,ryan,sean,jack kieran,shane,jessica,maddie,kim and lods more xx
i love twilight as you can see from alll well most of ma blingee there are mosty about twilight.
i love edward (team edward) i have an addiction to vampire,edward,twilight....!!!
ma room is cover in pic of twilight i have white wall paper but it look black cuz u can not see no white because of all the picz xx
i like to watch t.v i watch thing like 
twilight,new moon,buffy the vampire slayer,true blood,charmed,angel,ghost,whisper. and lods more thing like that 
i like to have party zthey are so kool. i like lots of shorts of music like paramore,justin beiber,britney spearz,aly and aj,jay sean,rhinnan. and lots more.♥☺☺
i like to go on blingee of course and i like to go on msn,i always listen to music when i am on the computer i go on a website called msn addy it is koooool you can make a lottt of matezz fromtheree xx
i am all into dark thing 
and ma nick name is vampire girl at skool it is koool though i like it but ma matez lily dont like it she is very different in a lot of wayzz 
so just to make shure you know i not like twilight i love it i ahve watched new moon and i have watched trailer for eclipse and breaking dawn there are so great i love them 
i have ma own website to twilight it is great 
i am team edward cuz he is so peng xxx
but i do like jacob but i would rather be a vampire and with edward even though jacob would keep me warm i dont cear.. 
so peace out to every one specail wishes to all ma matezzzz xx


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lush emo x
emo ♥!


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