Hi everybody,
I'm not going to be very active on Blingee much anymore. I've simply been really busy with other things and I don't have much time or motivation to really be invested in the site.
If I don't reply to a comment or a friend request please don't take it personally! Chances are I'm just not here. But I will be checking in every once in a while so I do see it and appreciate it. Thanks!<3

(last visited: October 24, 2019)

That being said, here's the rest of my profile:

♡~ I'm 16 years old
♡~ I joined in October 2019 but have been making Blingees since around 2011 or so just for fun.
♡~ I love all things anime & video games but particularly Pokemon...obviously :P I also love music & emo/goth stuff.
♡~ my fave pokemon characters are red, green, leaf, ash, gary, silver, N, barry, dawn, may, drew, & wes (and pretty much everyone else too)
♡~ the character you see with brown hair+dyed bangs in some of my Blingees & stamps is my fan character/sona Mizuki:)
♡~ my bff is breezewings ^_^

I'm kind of shy, so sorry if I don't reply to a comment or a friend request right away. ><;


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may and eevee




95日 前
hi! thank you for the comment you put under my serena blingee :3 I agree! Serena is very cute!


103日 前
 hi want to be friends


104日 前
I look forward to making that blingee of her with your stamp :) I actually see me and her getting married in the pokemon world one day; i see her as the ideal partner for someone like me x3; who's always well....valued being a girl and liking pretty stuff i guess. i'm not sure how to explain it xD i have autism lol


104日 前
If you've always loved the games, you've probably had them longer in your life than I did lol (i started playing....at age 12 o.o yep)

That said i often ponder why i'm still so interested in the series overall. But I think. Its because i have autism/aspergers lol


Soooo i relate to these characters on that type of level overall O.o xD

I was honestly into other stuff as a kid. But Korrina relates to my love for girl power i generally have overall <3


104日 前
I meant i added the flag to my blingee stamp favorites :) That stamp is beautiful^^


104日 前
Contestshipping is a great ship :) I like pearl too. Sapphirepearl is also adorable. I added your gay pride flag to my blingee favorites :D I wanna make something korrina related with it sometime. I am unsure what else to say now. I hope to hear from you again soon!^^


104日 前
Simba's been one of few 'real' pets i've had in my life too :3 I was a major cat lover as a kid btw. Most animals i've had in my life were the pokemon i've raised on my pokemon games, really xD I wanna raise even more stuff on soul silver and y again sometime soon too. Korrina's roller skates are very cool <3 and also super dreamy. She looks so strong, like she can protect me easily....*happy sigh* She is the best <3


104日 前
I often think I like to spend a lot of time during game stuff in general nowadays to kinda prove to myself 'that i can'. xD; As i was barely tomboyish at all as a kid, so people have underestimated me a lot as i got older.....(plus i still love all things cutesy).....sometimes i feel like proving my worth a bit. To top that off, I have autism o.o; living with autism...can make things confusing xD; lol...


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