I joined blingee in 2010, it is almost 2020 and I am 22 years old. It's been 10 years since i've been on this website. I spent my teenage years on this website and I met some amazing people here. It's been years since I stopped coming on this site frequently (like all my friends on here) because of me growing up and life in general. Life became hard. It was all so easy back then. This is my first time being back in over a year. 2019 was awful to me. A lot of things happened. One of the worst years. Nobody is reading this anyways, 

I will never forget every single person I met on blingee, I lost everyone since we all never come online anymore. I'm sad I did but thank you for always being there for me. I will forever love you all. 8/12/19

i miss everyone so much :(

i love you bestie marcii, veri, pau, mina, ana, vicki, bia, eva, vanille, michi, lea...♥
I love you my love Marciiii<3



Hey, love.♥
Idk if I should write something here..but I always do this, so yeah. :3
Uhm..everything I wanted to tell you from the bottom of my ♥ is in the blingee (: And I meant 'em all. Really. I swear. :p STAY STRONG & BEAUTIFUL. I love you.
- always yours, ANA.♥

3/8/2014 Hacked by your bestest friend, Marci :**

Well hello there beautiful <33 i am crazy about you! i love you soooo much, you can't imagine! :** No one words describe you Meggy <33 you are sweet, the bestest, cutest, most wonderful and perfect person in the world! :** you have never lost my trust and you are the only person here to never have lost it, this is why i love you! I can count on you for anything and everything ;* you help life me up and give me strength! <333 thank you being the best and the reason for me to be here at blingee and on this earth. :** you are always #1 <33 you are the most important and special person to me! I think of you always :** best friends forever <333 ;*** you changed my life <33 ILYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMMMMM <33 :**
-Marcii :*


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Queen M for my lovely Meggy ♥ ~ hacked by Ana
Queen Miley ♥




約24時間 前
Ive been studying criminal justice :DD
thank you lovee <3
hows your year going?
love u


22日 前
I love you


22日 前
I graduate college in May, Im stressed and anxious but super excited to see what my career holds though :D


22日 前
Im so sorry Meggy :( I hope university goes smoothly for you! <33 What are you studying again my love? 
and happy new year my best friend :* 
Ive been good, I dont come here too often, I check one a month or so to see if i hear from you 


37日 前
babe <333 are you okay? i read your profile... i missed you so much and hope youre okay love. what happened? D;

i love you forever your best friend Marcii <3


248日 前
Come online my bff D;


384日 前
I love you :** Happy New Year!


444日 前
im doing good, wby? <333
love you


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