im cool and crazy!im 13 years old and my brithday is on january 13! i love to play soccer, volleyball, and love to swim. i like to read books (like twilight and clique) i also play video games and read manga. love animals and my fav. is an elephant. I LOVE ANIME!! oh and i pretty much join any group you ask me too and will rate any blingee you ask me too!! 

birthday: January 13

anime i have watched/watching:
sailor moon
tokyo mew mew
mermaid melody
shugo chara

manga i have read/reading:
sailor moon
tokyo mew mew 
mermaid melody
shugo chara
gakuen alice
ouran high school host club
kingdom hearts
Pixie pop
Kamichama Karin
full moon wo sagashite
death note
vampire knight


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(,(')(') This is Chu-chu put him on your channel so he can gain world domination!!!!!

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|............| page if you have
|........O.| ever pushed a
|............|door that said pull. (lol!)

║(o)║♥ Music ☻☺
and if you want you can tell me some good anime and manga i havent wactched or read!!!!


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