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::thíngs чσu nєєd tσ knσw::
íf чσur just hєrє σn mч pαgє tσ cαll mє "fαkє" thєn lєαvє mє αlσnє. вєcαusє чσu dσn't knσw mє. dσn't tαlk αвσut mє íf чσu dσn't knσw whσ í αm.

íf чσur hєrє tσ вє mч fríєnd αnd вє nícє tσ mє. thєn stαч hєrє αnd αdd mє αnd єvєn gєt tσ knσw mє. вєcαusє í'm α cσσl αnd dσwn tσ єαrth  pєrsσn. í wíll вє mєαn σnlч íf чσu stαrt wíth mє.

::αвσut mє::
nαmє: jєnnα mαríє αdαms
nícknαmє: jєn, jєnnα, mαríє
вírthdαч: junє 22rd 1993
αgє: 17 чєαrs σld
lívє: lσng вєαch, cαlífσrníα
stαtus: [[ tαkєn & lσvєd ]]
σríєntαtíσn: strαíght
fαvσrítє cσlσrs: pínk, вluє, вlαck, grєєn, purplє, rєd
fαvσrítє musíc: híp-hσp, rσck, pσp, mєtαl, hαrd rσck, hєαvч mєtαl, hαrdcσrє, mєtαlcσrє
thíng's í hαtє: pєσplє whσ cαll mє fαkє, pєσplє whσ αsk fσr mч numвєr, pєσplє whσ αrє nσt nícє, í hαtє justín вєíвєr!
thíng's í líkє: pєσplє whσ αrє nícє, mч fríєnds, mч fαmílч
wєвsítє: http://www.facebook.com/Xx.Jenna.Marie.Adams.xX 

hí. mч nαmє ís jєnnα mαríє αdαms. mч вírthdαч ís junє 22rd 1993. í wαs вσrn αnd rαísєd ín lσng вєαch, cαlífσrníα. í lívє wíth mч mσthєr αnd fαthєr. í hαvє nσ вrσthєrs σr sístєr. í hαvє σnє pєt. í hαvє α cαt αnd hє's σrαngє αnd hís nαmє ís chєstєr. í'm αlsσ α chєєrlєαdєr ín mч hígh schσσl. í'vє вєєn chєєríng fσr 7 чєαrs nσw. í'm hєrє tσ mєt nєw fríєnds αnd mαчвє tσ mєt α вσчfríєnd. í hσpє tσ mєt nícє pєσplє hєrє. íf чσu wαnnα knσw mσrє αвσut mє plєαsє αsk mє. αnd αdd mє αs whílє.

чσu sαч justín вєíвєr í sαч nícklєвαck
чσu sαч r & в í sαч mєtαlcσrє
чσu sαч єmσ sucks í sαч єmσ rσcks
чσu sαч chєєrlєαdєrs suck í sαч í'm σnє sσ í guєss í suck tσσ
чσu sαч gírlч í sαч tσmвσч
чσu sαч fuck чσu! í sαч fuck чσu hαrdєr!
чσu sαч í'm uglч í sαч gσ lσσk αt thє mírrσr αnd sєє whσ's mσrє uglíєr! вítch!!!


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With Love For All My Wonderful Friends



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Hi baby, please LOOK THIS BLINGEE


Is about Miley and Liam


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New challange in the celebrity blingee challange group. 



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SWEETHEART ,You are considered as 1 of the LOVELIEST souls on BLINGEE. Once you've been selected you must chose 15 of the most BEAUTIFUL beings in your contact list; If you are awarded this distinction more than once, then you will know that you are EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful! Cut and paste this on your page of 15 beautiful friends you know LOVE U ♥ ♫


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This message is for who rocks blingee group. 

Please vote for your top three entries in order. Voting will run until sunday november 28th at 8:00pm eastern standard time. Good luck to all contestants!! Also remember that you can not vote for yourself!!



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This message is for who rocks blingee group. 

For this cycle voting is going to be a little different. You are going to just vote on your top three entries in order. Voting will run until Sunday November 14th at 8:00pm eastern standard time. Remember that you can not vote for yourself. Good luck to all contestants!! 




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Welcome to cycle 4 in who rocks blingee. Challange 1 is up. Good luck!! 

This weeks challange is going to be to choose one of ten celebrities and one of ten colors (listed in the forum). Then make a blingee using those. The challange will go until Friday November 12th at 8:00pm eastern standard time. 


If any questions please ask on my home page. 


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Please rate each of the blingees on a scale of 0-10 in each of three categories. Those categories are originality, creativity, and fits the challange. Voting will run until Wednesday November 3rd at 8:00pm eastern standard time.


I would really appreciate as much help as possible. So please vote. 

we still need more contestants for cycle 4 if you or any of your friends have not signed up please do.


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