my name is alexandra. im 14 years old. you dont know me and i dont know you . all the dick heads that are going to come on my profile and be shit to me can just[[FUCK OFF]] beacause i dont care about them. im from england. im a bit of a bitch when you are hoorible to me but mainly a good friend and someone any person can trust i guess... im wasteing away slowly. i smoke...pot i think im getting into harder drugs to suit my addiction. i refuse to drink. just because of my dadbeing a alcoholic if ou have seen me around a drunk man especially ou will understand how i am. people think i cope with anything but really i carnt im weak inside i just know how to be stronge. i dont want to breakdown in not going to let myself even though i no i am. thanks to all my homies out there yo! homies such as... CATY IS AMII NUMBER ! HOMIE (happy now =]) dee w<3 josie<3 ben<3 george even tho hes a cunt !!!<3 danniella<3 racheal p.<3 lottie cooper<3 james faren<3AKA jam fish hah! soory dude!! nikita duffy!<3 leannerbelle duffy<3 dom<3 reece<3 oliver<3 hannah<3 kim p.<3 aspinall!!!<3 jake w<33 jake t<3 alex lord<3 tina<3 jess quinlan<3 markeh my babes ily<3 shuana<3 loyde!!<3 jess e<3 big boob emmaa !<3 phil!<3 i have more but y'know.. no paricular order!! QUIZZAGE!!!! Name: Alex Birthplace: Farnworth current location: bolton eye colour: browny green ?? hair colour: dark brown height: 5 ft 4 right handed/left handed: right your heritgae: what does heritage meen ? the shoes you wore today: im not wereing shoes today =] your weakness: being tickleed mainly on my back ! your fears: knowing that im alone in a street or house. your perfect pizza: red pepper and tomato and cheese !!! goal for this year: erm..try and save up for christmas. most overused phrase on an instant massenger: <33 <--- that lol <3 first thought when you wake up: CIGGGGG!!!!! your best pysical feature: erm my nose and eyes i think ?? your bed time: wenever ! your most missed memory: primary school! pepsi or coke: erm cherry coke <3 mcdonalds or burger king: none *vegetarian* single or group dates: single..? lipton ice tes or nestle: Ergh !!! tea chocolate or vanilla: is dis ice cream. i dont like any. you smoke: yess to mucho you swear: Fucking Cunt! do you sing: i carnt sing but i DO try <3 do you shower daily: depends cz if im at a party i dont aparently i smell like vegetable soup ?? LAWLLL!! i love yhoo OLIVER!!! 


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