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         read here if you want to know me ;;

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■ History Book ;;
My whole life is like a history book. Im a writer too, so you see why I write a lot. All I ever wanted was telling a life about music & life. σиe daу ιт тaĸe ѕσ мaиу ѕтσяιeѕ aиd тaleѕ тσ тell lιғeтιмe тσ ғorgeт yoυ. мυѕιc ιѕ тнe ωнσle aят ωσяld caρтιvaтe мe ι'м alωaуѕ υρ тσ leaяιиg. I’ve been so many roads in my life, and it was hard to get through the traffic. I try to think тнe σ υ т ѕ ι d e_т н e_в σ х. But I always think from the inside. All my life I every wanted was being alone just one time. But I cant. Everybody keeps calling my name. Well guess what, im not going to answer you.

■ →нι тнe иaмe ιѕ cяуѕтal(age15) ι ωιll вlσω тнe caиdle ιи nσv.21;

■ н a т e r ѕ ;;
yoυ goт a proвleм wιтн мe? ѕolve ιт.
yoυ тнιnĸ ι'м тrιppιn'? тιe мy ѕнoeѕ.
yoυ can'т ѕтand мe? ѕιт down.
yoυ can'т face мe? тυrn aroυnd.

Message to H a t e r s ;;

Hey haters. You better not make fun of me cause I will kick your fucking ass out of this place. And I don’t care your stronger then me. I will kick you little money butt. So you better back off or my friends and family. I will black male you would I care.

■ deмι_lσvaтσ ;;
deмι_lσvaтσ’ѕ мυѕιc ιѕ тнe ωнσle aят ωσяld caρтιvaтe мe,
ι'м alωaуѕ υρ тσ leaяиιиg мσяe ғrσм нeя.
נυѕт тнιик ѕнe can do aитнιng. aиd ѕнe ιѕ тнe нeяσ тσ
eνeяуoиe тнaт looĸ υp тσ нeя aиd lιѕтen тo
нeя мυѕιc and נυѕт loνeѕ ιт.

■ {♥}
ιт тaĸeѕ a мιnυтe тo нave a crυѕн on ѕoмeone, тнaт ιѕ яιgнт nexт тσ yoυ. ιт тaĸeѕ a day тo lιĸe нιм, and a weeĸ тo love нιм. вυт ιт тaĸeѕ a lιғeтιмe тo ғorgeт нιм... 

■ Things i like to do for living ;;
■ Traveling
■ Music
■ Going to Football Games
■ Bening Sad everyday [as always]
■ Sleep
■ Going to Mexico every year on car. Or sometimes in plane

■ eνeяувσdy ωιll нave тнe ѕρσтlιgнт eνeяуday, noт мe. caυѕe ι doит lσσĸ вeaυтιғυl, вυт even тoυgн ι'м noт alwayѕ rιgнт, ι can coυnт on тнe ѕυn тo ѕ н ι n e.

■ All i ever wanted to do ;;
i always want write. i wish everyone could read it. But its hard...i dont know what to say or start first. There are so many thing i want to say in a book. Something like a nice way. "There is nothing like home, the name is Annie. In 1992 i was dead for only two minutes. I didnt know what happened to me. I saw something in my room. Something that no one will believe you. They think that your crazy, or something. It came up to me and said my name." 

■ What am I? ;;
Im a girl that has no life right now cause of working her ass off. I look like shit right now. I don’t look beautiful right now. She never has time to get out and have fun. So I feel bad right now. Don’t feel bad at me.

■ Mess up Child ;;
Im so messed up. I mean…I wish I wasn’t born. My family is so pist right now cause of me. What ever I do or something, they use me as their mess up child. Im sick and tried of it. I mean I wish I wasn’t born. I want to be died right now. I just hate my life right now cause of my family. And I don’t care if they still hate me, I feel like running away from home, and I hope how they feel when I’m gone. And I don’t care if they don’t notice what I’m gone, I will know they will cry their butts of from me, cause I’m gone. But I cant right now.

■ Friends ;;
I hate my friends, I don’t know why but, I just do right now, they always say, “Why did you do that to me?” or, “I hate you! I don’t want to be friends anymore” or maybe, “Im sorry can we be friends again?” uh… no. I hate them. They always put you in the middle of things that they are fighting for, “I thought you were at my side?” uh no im not in any one side. I just hate it. I want a friend that is funny, being it self. And just never fight, will cry with you, laugh together, even smile at you.

■ Music ;;
Music just completes my life. Everytime im sad Demi Lovato is there or Miley Cyrus. If im happy, Taylor Swift is there. If im in love, my love story is ready. So never mess with my music.

■ Love ;;
Love sucks. I mean…Everytime I like someone. It stared to like someone and not me. And I had my heart to tell him and there was one time it was the end of the school year, I was talking to my 4th grade teacher and then the guy passed my and my stupid friend told him, “Hey you! Yeah you. Crystal wants to sign your year book” I was like oh my fucking god. Someone please this is not a dream. My best friend just took his yearbook and grab my yearbook and they switch them and I told him that I liked him and have a safe and great summer. I was so mad at her I will not forgive her what she did. Middle school was the worst year I ever had. Im not friends with her anymore. Why bother telling her who I like. She thought it was like that. I told her no! ops. Sorry. I will not forgive her. Were not friends anymore were just buddy.

■ What am i thinking right now? ;;
I'm thinking about Shorty, i can't stop thinking about him. Life sucks when you want to see that guy again.

■ High School ;;
Im a freshman. I have different class then anyone. Everybody keeps asking me why? I don’t want to talk about it. Just once I want to be normal like everybody else. I just told you. I wont say it again.

■ Ugly ;;
I look ugly and its true. Im not like other girls say. I look ugly. I need more gel. It looks like hell. I don’t care. I just want to stay that way.

■ Tell about yourself? ;;
I’m funny, sad mode everyday[this whole 15 years when life started], happy person, fun person, loves everybody, weird girl, loves kids. I like to stay that way.

■ Movies ;;
I love going to movies. But the most I hate about is when people are talking while the movie is on and, they laugh so hard and they just look who it was, even hitting your chair. I had all of those happen. The worse is laughing hard. I had a friend, and Kathy and I took a friend with us to see a movie, cause we didn’t want to go to the school dance. As the movie started and there is a funny part my friend that we took, she was laughing to hard, that all the people in there were looking at us. So Kathy and I sat away from her. And she didn’t even notice it. We didn’t want to tell her.

■ Girlfriends ;;
Im not going to be those chicks that cries over them. If I were dating and someone broke up with me, I don’t care, I wont cry or just say why…im just going to say, “Okay…what ever…later” and I’ll walk away. Just like that. I don’t care.

■ Work ;;
I work my ass off so I could go somewhere I have to earn money. Im not those chicks that they want to go and they never do work. I work. I don’t care what they say about me. I can wait to see them on the streets and want money from people. I would love to help them, but the only thing I will help them is to keep walking to their dreams. No matter what happened.

■ True Friends ;;
I want a friend that is herself all the time, not just trying to be someone so they could more friends…You may see me with her al the time. She has my back and always make you laugh no matter what, she's a fun person and her name is KaThY. i love her to death, i dont know what to do with out her. i meet her in the 6th. IT was fun all this time. Sometimes we have our up and downs. i missed her when i went to Mexico. But i love hanging out with her. we make alot of jokes in, breaks, lunch, morning, even after school. Love you!

■ U Got Nothin' On Me ;;
if you trying to get my eyes on you, well to bad, laughing as I gazed under the moon, Now I know who you are, i see I should have known it from the start, You can't tell me lies dont even try cuz this is goodbye, Caught ya from the corner of my eye You smiles at a girl while passing by Thought you had me fooled but you were wrong I know whats going on and it didnt take me long.

■ Mexico Trip ;;
So i went to Mexico and something happened over there. SO many guys liked me. i only like two guys
■ Shory
■ A guy
but i cant stop thinking about those two guys, but the most i miss is shorty he's cool and everything he talked to me when i was alone just watching something and he just said "Hi" it was weird when he talked to me. He was asking me so many and weird stuff. He wants to know me. But i didnt give him my info. But, the thing is i dont know he's name. Well i do but i just dont want to say it. He was a nice guy to talk to. He asked me one time when i was in the sad mood,
Shorty ;; "What's wrong? you look sad. Are you okay?"
Crystal ;; "I'm always sad, since life started My brother is coming this week or next week"
Shorty ;; "Are you going to be happy when he comes?"
Crystal ;; "No."
Shorty ;; "What makes you happy?
I wanted to tell him, you but i didnt say anything. i just saw the other side of him, i saw him drinking and smoking. i was so mad at him. he keeps looking at me all the time when i go to parties. But we just stayed friends. But now i feel sorry for him. I just dont want to say it.

■ When I Look at you ;;
Everytime i look at someone there is a song right there Everybody needs inspiration Everybody needs a soul A beautiful melody When the nights so long Cause theres no guarentee That this life is easy When my world is falling apart When theres no light to break up the dark Thats when I look at you When the waves are flooding the shore And I cant find my way home anymore

■ Obsessed ;;
Over there in Mexico, if someone is all over me,i go up to them and I was like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" All up in the blogs Saying we met at the party When I don't even know who you are Saying we up in your house Saying I'm up in your car But you in Oax. and I'm out at LA. I'm up in the A You so so lame and no one here even mentions your name.

■ Two is Better Than One ;;
People say "Two is Better Than One" i didnt beleive that. i thought it was weird or maybe they were giving each other message. I remember what you wore on our first date You came into my life And I thought hey You know this could be something 'Cause everything you do and words you say You know that it all takes my breath away And now I'm left with nothing...

■ Mad World ;;
Everybody is mad at the world right now. So...All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere Going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression No expression Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow No tomorrow And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which Im dying Are the best Ive ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When people run in circles Its a very very Mad world Mad world Children waiting for the day they feel good Happy birthday Happy birthday....

■ Set fire to the third bar ;;
I will set fire to the third bar I find the map and draw a straight line Over rivers, farms, and state lines The distance from 'A' to where you'd be It's only finger-lengths that I see I touch the place where I'd find your face My finger in creases of distant dark places I hang my coat up in the first bar There is no peace that I've found so far The laughter penetrates my silence As drunken men find flaws in science Their words mostly noises Ghosts with just voices Your words in my memory Are like music to me I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground I, I pray that something picks me up And sets me down in your warm arms

           ©copyright 2008-2011 covergirl3022


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