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I really like anime. Especially Inuyasha and Ouran Host Club. I also like Black Cat, Bleach, and I'm watching some Death Note a bit now too. It's a lot of fun to make pictures! They come out so cool! I also LOVE Full Metal Alchemist. It's my current fav. manga and Black Cat. I have a couple fav. pokemon but my top would have to be Ninetales! I do some recoloring in my spare time on the computor. I've done a lot actually! I love playing Sonic and the Black Night and other Sonic stuff. 

Now I have some of my Sonic characters I wanna introduce!
First up....
Me! Lilly the Fox(Even though MY name is spelled Lily)
Color- Light gray and green.
Clothes- T-shirt with tricked out paw thing, a stitch in one arm of her shirt, long brown pants(one leg is shorter), green + black glasses, silver, red, black, and green shoes
Eyes- Blue
Likes- Faro the Echidna(as a FRIEND!),Dagger the Hedgehog(like an annoying brother), Sonic and the Black Night game, drawing, testing guns, hanging on the computer, listening to music, riding her new air bike
Hates- Bayla the Bat, people who totally piss her off, being beat, MOST yaoi(if you don't know what that is don't ask)
Hobbies- Going on the computer, drawing, listening to music, and playing video games 
Personality- kind but hot tempered. Loyal to friends who need her. Gets confused often but is very intellectual and caring.
Faro the Echidna
Color- Maroon and black
Clothes- blu-grey pants, red and black shoes
Eyes- bright green
Likes- Lilly the Fox(just friends now), fighting practice, hanging with his friends
Hates- anyone who tries to hurt his friends, digging, Tails(he used to like Lilly before she tried to kill him..... let's just say he pisssed her off and leaveit at that shall we?)
Hobies- fighting and hanging out
Personality- Really just a natural guy(rarely find those in real life ^^')
Tikoyo the Rabbit
Color- some kind of greenish thing and blue
Clothes- Long brown and yellowish shirt(shorts underneath just can't see) and big blue tie
Eyes- brown
Likes- playing, hanging with Amy and Katie(just friends!), going outside to run around, jumping around
Hates- when his friends fight
Hobbies- playing tag
Personality- young hearted
Zetaly the Wolf
Color- grey, light grey
Clothes- white button up shirt under maroon sweater, capris under denim skirt, maroon clip, and maroon, purple, and blue boots 
Eyes- green
Likes- goofing around, playing games, going to movies, playing basketball(doesn't look like it but yeah)
Hates- ............. she's a very bright person.......... but I guess she doesn't really like fights or anyone who's mean or rude
Hobbies- playing basketball and hanging out with Lilly(even if she just woke up. -_-')
Personality- She's happy a lot and always as friendly as she can be...... wow she's a lot different from me
Lia the Begal
Color- white, brown, and black
Clothes- long light blue shirt with orange and tan-brown zigzags, yellow color and silver tag, yellow and tan-brown shoes
Eyes- golden brown
conditions- MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER- one side is shy and sweet, one is loud and angry 
Likes- Playing with Cracker(the choa), helping her friends, OTHER SIDE- picking fights, winning stuff
Hates- turning bad, getting hurt, OTHER SIDE- losing, turning good
Hobbies- going outside with friends, OTHER SIDE- fighting practice
Dagger the Hadgehog
Color-?????I haven't decided yet..... I drew him in black and white on paper...
Clothes-Long brown trench coat, shackles(chains cut off), Black boots
Eyes- I think I'll make them....gold-ish? no...ah! I got it! Gray!
Likes- Teasing Lilly(D*m* him. -_-#), Lilly in general(you know strength, attitude, ability to come up with good comebacks), night, video games
Hates- being beaten by Lilly, not being able to come up with a comeback
Hobbies- Annoying the crap out of Lilly, playing video games, racing others
Personality- hm.... I'll get back to you on that later
Well that's it. Don't want to put up EVERYONE! It would take too long.  


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you know how you commented on stella the raccoon i didn't draw her bit i wish i did


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