I'm Anna!

Hi! I like Adventure Time, My Little Pony (the merchandise, not the show),  ranting about how dumb (most) feminists are, and loving Natasha Allegri's amazing artwork, and drawing! Did I mention I like drawing?
        Anyways, CreamDoll gave me this really cool Sonic Oc and let me write the rest of her story, and I hopes I don't botch it! (I'm only 11, so... Yeah... Whatever, if you wanna hate, hate away)
          Ok, I'm on an IPad right now and can't copy-paste, but here's it is: Ui can't speak because her family insists that words aren't needed until you find your true love, so your first words ever can be "I love you.". And her her parents pick out her clothes (she has no saying in it whatsoever) until she finds the Future King. She's really nice, and shows her personality by writing on a small chalkboard when she has an opinion to express. Ui has to find her true love by the time she's 45 years, or they'll cut off her tongue in front of everyone! Any male is eligible, they could be dirt poor or filthy rich, as long as she truly loves them. It's worked for every generation of royalty before, so what's the problem? Ui doesn't believe in love.
        She'd never had a crush on ANYONE. At first she blamed it on being tutored at home all alone and didn't know a lot of kids, but now that she's 18, she doesn't know what's going on! Her parents set up lots of dates with very handsome and (she's sure this is NOT a coincidence) rich young men, but they were all so "blah". It was kind of looked down upon  to be single after your 23 or so in her kingdom (the land of Ayorthia) and since she hasn't not one SINGLE boyfriend, much less a husband, she was getting all sorts of crap from the village.
      The schoolgirls would giggle at the "Unlovable" Princess, boys would blow fake kisses and make false catcalls, and the elders would just snort in disbelief.
   On a quite nice day sometime in mid-May, Ui was called to the royal hall.
   "That's weird" She thought, "Usually Mother and Daddy call me to their bedroom if they have something to say. It must be important."
       She shuddered. Ui loved her parents, as children ought to do, but they could be icy, and she felt as if they were sticking needles up her spine when they ridiculed her, which was almost always.
      Ui tapped her fingers against the soft grain of the wooden banister, barely shuffling her feet. She dreaded being in the same room as them for long. One stare from her mother and Ui felt as if she knew all of her secrets.
       /Yes?/ Ui held up her chalkboard, hiding her face. The door swooshed shut behind her.
       "You realize you've rejected every courtier we've choose for you. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!" Her mother said abruptly. She liked to cut to the point of things.
         /But I/ Ui stared at her board. She had no excuse for her behavior. Well she had one.  It was a either terrible explanation, or a heartfelt one.
         /They're not my true love. I need to find my true love. You can't choose my true love. I can't either/
        Her mother and father started talking at the same time. The king stopped and motioned for his wife to go on. She frightened everyone, not just Ui.
        "This is ludicrous. Your father found me when I was 14! We married two years later. 16. 16!"
          /I'm not an object, I would hate to be found/
          "Well you better find an object for yourself, because if you're not married by the time you're 19, you're never speaking. Not without your tongue, at least."
       ... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
      Ui was falling. She heard the chalkboard clatter against her leg, but did not feel it. If there was any time to scream, to fight, to argue, it was now. But years and years of being taught otherwise had an effect on her. She remained silent. As always.
         /March?/ She asked on the board. Her birthday was last month. She had less than a year to find love. Love that she'd rather keep lost.
         "Yes, or we'll cut of your tongue at the party." Her mother smiled. It was meant to be comforting,but wasn't the best approach to this situation.
          "You do understand it's your own doing, don't you?" She said softly. Ui's chalkboard was wet. She was crying. Softly, as to not make a sound, but crying nonetheless. She walked out of the room. Best not to make a scene.
       Edward looked at his wife. She was beautiful, though her hands wrinkled with age, her face was as lovely as ever. But it was scowling. I.U obviously had no sympathy for her speechless daughter. She didn't know what it was like. Edward remembered holding the chalkboard that Ui still used today. After his wedding,He never had to write again. Anything message he needed to say was said aloud and written down by a servant. That's why he married so young. Only that.
        "Do we really love each other?" Edward said softly. He wanted I.U to hear, but whispered as if he didn't. She heard.
         "No." They both left the room.
             Ui didn't understand. Why did they do this? 19 years of torture just so true love could be truer? Who started this? Ui decided to speak. Right there in the garden. No one would hear her. Now what to say? She pondered for a moment, then it became clear.
       Ui realized something. She didn't even know how to speak. She couldn't even be true to herself. All she could manage is a high pitched squeak.
    Ui jumped out of her own skin and screeched again.
       Someone was there. Hiding in the rose bushes.
           "Eeeeech!" She meant to say show yourself.
           "Princess?" She stood up and tripped over her skirt.It was a boy.
        They stood for a second, looking each other over. He wasn't that bad-looking, for a hedgehog. He was a very light shade of green, with big round glasses. Then Ui looked herself over.
      The outfit her mother had chosen wasn't that bad today. A cream-colored dress that went to her ankles that was a little bulky and shapeless, and a big leather belt. When she was around the house she had to wear her long hair in two braids, and always had to wear a scarf over her mouth. After she ran into the garden she and undone her hair, ripped off the scarf and took off her shoes. Ui decided she looked decent.
     She nodded at the boy.
      "Your..." He pointed at her mouth. She covered it. It really wasn't proper for people to see her without the scarf.
       "ieeeeech" She wanted to explain, but he didn't understand.
       "Shhh! Don't do that!" He looks at her crossly. Ui turned away from him. She wished she hadn't of left her chalkboard in the castle, she had a word or two to say to that
         He seemed to sense her annoyance. "No, I just... don't want you to get hurt." If she was seen talking, they would cut off her tongue immediately.
         She looked away. For some reason she was blushing. She spotted a  piece of charred wood near the firepit. The rock Ui had been cryin- ahem, SITTING on was perfect.
            /Don't tell me what to do, I can talk whenever I want to./
    He laughed "Oh really? Say it, don't write it."
           "ieche" She tried to say "Jerk" but, of course, it didn't come out right.
        "I could teach you." The boy whispered. Ui widened her eyes.
       Then shook her head. She didn't know why, maybe she was frightened of her parents, maybe she was frightened of this strange boy, but she was scared.
         He left. Well, he almost left.
         "Eee!" Ui wasn't even trying to say anything, she just wanted him to stop.
          /What's your name?/ She scribbled on the rock.
          /Daniel/ He wrote. Then he left for real, but Ui didn't feel so bad.


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