Im FUkin in loved.

Name:Diiana ..and im a Spongebob Gurl n_n 

I admire Kurt Cobain because he was a humble man, because he said many wise words, because he respected everyone, was anti-racist, wrote great songs, , he was a man alone, , because he fucking loved  grunge and rock.
because his songs convey his feelings
I strongly agree with him.

BiirtHday:17 September
Skiiin: Fukiin Pale!e_e
Color Haiir: Broown
eyes color: Brown XD
-Im from Colommbiiaa!
-ii Speak SpaniiSh and englishh!:D
Favoriite Musiic: rock-metal-ska-punk-alternatiive-indie-poprock-rap
favoriite Bands!: 
-Nirvana              -Papa roach
-My chemical romance  -Avenged sevenfold
-The mills            -Green day
-V for volume         -alerta rocket
-Tronic               -Foo Fighters
-Don tetto            - Dr krapula
-Three days grace     -Kings of leon
-Fall out Boys        -The strokes
-The ramones          -coldplay
-zoe                  -Calle 13
-Skap                 -cuarteto de nos
-audioslave           -Ozzy Osbourne
-muse                 -Porcelana
-stereophonics        -The pretty reckless
-red hot chilli peepers -Blur
-sum 41               -The academy is..
-smash mouth          -simple plan
-rammstein            -Metallica
-placebo              -Paramore
-panic at the disco   -Pink
-Pxndx                -nickelback
-moderatto            -Mago de oz
-McCfly               -Linkin park
-Los daniels          -lindsay lohan
-Kudai                -kasabian
-Bon jovi             -jhovan
-hey Monday           -incubus (Thanx Jess♥)
-Guns n roses         -Hello seahorse!
-good charlotte       -Fountains of wayne
-evanescence          -Breaking benjamin
-30 Seconds to mars   -Oasis

and A lot Of bands much..but Im tired e_e haha
thatz true, im a rebel!im crazy. i do a lot of stupid things, IM HAPPY. and i Laugh A lot.

como soy:REBELDE (DEMASIADO), Yo no busco problemas ellos llegan a Mi. Soy PROBLEMATICA!xD,Altanera, gritona y escandalosa!XD, le digo la verda en la cara a todo el Mundo, amistosa, Vaga, hago muchas idioteces, en el colegio me conocen como imprudente, Loca, rara. y ...ademas de que le hablo a todo el mundo sin conocerlo. ademas de ser la chica chistosa.,Q siempre hace reir a los demas. depresiva. Soy muy Bipolar.No me gusta hacer nada. pero me encanta el arte, Y la moda vintage. eso Si me gusta cantar. y deseo tener una banda de rock. Soy amiguera. Le hablo a todoos.Me llevo problemas en el colegio. odio esas Tipas que andan con uno y con otro.
Carismatica SImpatica? Cosas que me dicen pero no creo.
Que si soy bonita? supuestamente eso dicen. pero Yo tampoco creo.
Tengo mas amigos chicos que Chicas. es decir los chicos son una chimba. pero Es fastidio cuando llega el termino en que les gustas. y arruinan la amistad.
enamorada? un chico llamado Nicolas. Los dos nos gustamos.pero somos timidos.u_____u
esa es mi historia.

I am a rebel (too), arrogant, loud, tell the truth to everyone, I never keep quiet, friendly, lazy, I do a lot of crap. in school   im the girl  Happy, crazy, weird, plus I always talk to everyone except those who dislike me. I'm the kind of girl funny, he always makes people laugh, I'm depressed, and very bipolar-  
im inteligent 
i Hate my life. i hate the Stupid girls. 

>>imm a Depressed Giirl, Sometiimes iiM happy, Sometiimes iim Sad :S

-Favoriites tv shows: South park, Hard times of rj Berger, Ugly americans, Jackass, A loot Of mtv!

ii Love: Art, drawiing, Singing, writiing, readiing, and Blingee!
-Im a Crazy girl That think a Lot of stupid things!XD

-I lovee talking, to thee Blingee'S Peoplee! iim a good friend, Soo Dont worry Talk me!!

-My favoriite Movie ever: ZOmbieland :3


My Blingee friends:(no matter the order, i love them for equal) 
-naomi (Jonas4ever)      -Alli(☮♥Alli.Girl♥☮)
-marcella (Markcella97)  -Alyssa(♥♫Alyssa♫♥)
-Cami(camidenick)        -Daisy(SoFluffyICouldDie)
-Caro (cccbbb1999)       -Stefani(ztephani)
-Sofi (Solesitoo35)      -Maria(why_does_he_hate_meh)
-Jessica (pardonMe)       -alana(Amg97)
-Cassie(Synful.Vengeance.) -Giih(demi lovato770)
-Zammi(ZAMMI3737)          -andii (andiiBieber123)
-Naty(natylovedelena)      -Miri(mirosyuca)
-Anna (laycool01)          -Anhel. (Kandigirl20)
-Aleh (7326782)

---///-\\\----If you have ever felt
----///--\\\---Feel in pain put this on your file and help someone out who feels that way people need to know they are not alone

I LOVE: Spongebob,GIR,Kyle broflovski,Kenyy mccormick,!♥

You Say Pink
I Say Black
You Say Jonas Brothers
I Say Nirvana
You Say Justin Bieber
I Say Billie Joe
You say I'm active
I say I'm lazy
You say I like sports
I say I like sleep
You say I'm strange
I say I'm diffrent!

ii Love:
-Gerard Way
-Kurt cobain!(R.I.P)
-Billie Joe

Blingees to me.:D X JeSsica x katty x ashley dannae x Cristina x marijonatica x modest x cristina x modest x naomi x angie x Samii x Cristina x agustina x modest x agustina x agustina x Sami x Paula x Cristina x Karen x Larii x Cristina x Anixxu x Paula x MarCe x Karen x Adrii x MarCe x Anixxu x Larii x CriStina x Cristina x Caro x Paola x Stefania x Miri x Angie x anixxu x Paula x Ashley x Julii x Anii x Marce x Danii x Danii x Ani x Danii x JUli x Diiana x Eriika x Mirii x Sofii x Caro x katty x marce x adrii x ashley p. x caro x cristina x Naomi x anii X cami x andrea x marce x Stefani x Fernanda x anGie x Gii x Larii x aldii x Anii x Super Princesa x stefii x Barbiie x Sofii (Solesiito) x Naomii! x Naomi! x angiie x Naomii! x Larii x Nao! X Miirii x Nao x Nao! x Gii x Nao..!!(♥) x nao!!(♥) x Sofii (Solecito) x Andi! x Stefii x stefii x Jossi! x Marce!!<♥> x Cariito! x Gihh! x Camii! x Hellen! x ztephanii! x Esmee! x ztephani! x Caroola!XD x Zammii x Isabela x Mafer!(: x Anna x Anna x Alyssa x Naomi x Alyssa x Helli x Aleh x Naomi x Zammi x Naomi x Naomi x Marce ♥

For my previous Birhtday :D x stefii! x Kissa X Gii x Sofii(Soleciito x Miri x Natii x cariito x adrii (♥) x Gabbii x Barbiie! x Jessica!
Hacked by Anna!!
I just stop by to say that Diana is nice,caring,amazing,and beautiful and i luhv her sooo much!!So dont be mean to her cuz i will hunt u down..LMAO;))Luvh ya(:

I just wanted to say that Diana is AWESOME!! She is the most amazingest gurl that you could ever have as a friend. I luhv her SOOOO freakin much!! Luhv ya SpongeBobGurl!!
      Luhv Alyssa


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3312日 前
For the past few days I've been thinking back on blingee times a few years ago...i miss it and you and others <3 I feel so alone lately, you are a big part me and i need you. it kills me knowing it's over and the time we spent together has been over. i love you forever, friends forever in my heart. <3


4241日 前
+ Happy (late) birthday <3


4241日 前
ive been really missing you.
i said i loved you and i never want to lose you,so did u but did u mean it?
cause doesnt feel like it since you left all your friends behind on this website.
i love you still </3


4248日 前
Dianaaaaaaa !


4260日 前
Dianaaaaaaa .....Ninaaaaaa`
 --I miss you, bebeee`
Remember meeee; from ♥♫Alyssa♫♥ .....?
 I still remember youuuuu, myy SpongeBob obsesionado ninaa'♥ Add me on this account, OhhKayy? I know you may not get this, but just remember that I care .....Te Amo, Diana Ninaaaa`
        ~Alyssa; SpongeBob Ninaa'♥


4263日 前
Buenoo Leii tu perfiil y el de tu anteriior cuenta y...
Rebeldes, locas [ya lo viiste en mii salutaciion! xD] mm Heavyy [NO SOY ROCKERA, SOY HEAVY!] Oscura, pero NO emo ni gotica ni nada!
Me llamo Mireia, pero TODO el mundo me llama Mire!
Nose si aun sigues en blingee o lo dejaste, pero iigual te pongo este comment!
Amm.. tengo 17 años, el 7 de Enero cumplo los 18!
Bueno si sigues aki, respondee pliis!
Cuentame sobree tii!


4286日 前
Diana,do you have facebook? i know u think is boring here -.-' but i want to talk to you


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