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I'm just a normal teenage gender fluid individual that loves animals, music, Ancient Egypt, Homestuck and Yugioh. Nothing too fancy. ^-^

Some random Yugioh facts about me:

Favorite Cards Are: The End of Anubis and Magician of Black Chaos

Favorite Character (at the moment): Seto Kaiba

Least Favorite Card: Kuriboh.

OTP: Magician of Black Chaos x Dark Magician
Random Homestuck facts:

Favorite Character: Bro Strider

Least Favorite Character: Calliope/Caliborn

OTP: Stridercest

Matesprits: Bro, Dave, Dirk, Eridan, Gamzee, Mituna, Kurloz

Moirails: John, Jake, Mayor, Gamzee, Tavros, Equius, Karkat, Kurloz, Cronus, Kankri, Rufioh

Auspisitices: (currently empty)

Kismesis: Sullox, Vriska, Kanaya, Karkat

Normal Random Facts:

Favorite Manga: Absolute Boyfriend

Favorite Animes: 1) Free! 2) SNK 3) Dangan Ronpa 4) Kuroko no Basuke 5) Kill la Kill

Favorite Yaoi: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Favorite Webcomic: Homestuck

Favorite Video Game: Midnight Club III, Dub Edition (Remix)

Favorite Food: CHEESECAKE~

Favorite Color: Green OR crimson

Favorite Animal: Giraffe

Favorite Band: Color You or Allstar Weekend

Favorite Singer: Ross Lynch
Favorite Song (currently): Mr. Simple by Super Junior

Favorite Word: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- the fear of long words.

Least Favorite Word: Somewhat

Favorite Way to Pass the Time: Drawing

Favorite Instrument: Bass

Favorite book(s): The Hunger Games series

Favorite Movie: Rise of the Guardians

OTPs: Ereri, Lexi x Erwin, Eren x Jean, RinRei, MakoHaru, HaruRin, RinTori, Vitri, Trip x Noiz, Koujaki x Trip x Virus, Noiz x Mizuki, Mizuki x Koujaku, Aoba x Mizuki, Aoba x Koujaku, Mondo x Ishimaru, Mondo x Chihiro, Mondo x Ishimaru x Chihiro, Kuroko x Kagami, Kagami x Aomine, Kuroko x Midorima, Kuroko x Murasakibara, Kuroko x Kise, Kagami x Kise, Stridercest, EriCro, Pride/RivalShipping, MagicShipping (M of Black ChaosxDark Magician), Soul x Stein, Jack x Grown!Jamie, AustinxDez, KnightxSoushi, all of the yaois, etc.

Least Favorite Crossover: Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

My fandoms include, but are not limited to:
YuGiOh, Fairy Tail, Homestuck, SNK, Free!, Kuroko no Basuke, Kill la Kill, Amnesia, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Togainu no Chi, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Whose Line is it Anyway, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Vocaloid, Austin & Ally, Durarara, Soul Eater, Rise of the Guardians, OFF, Konami, Marvel, DC, Fruit Basket, 

RIP: Sugar 
June 25, 2006-November 7, 2012


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Red and Blue Anime Girl
Death Note- L's Death




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