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Atheism is the lack of a belief in a god or gods. We'll focus on monotheism here, since it's more prevelant. 

We do not claim to know for certain that god does not exist, but are simply unconvinced that he does. We view god as an unfalsifiable hypothesis, much like elves or goblins. 

Since god is not immediately apparent to any of our senses, evidence of him is needed if we are to give the idea of his existence any credence at all.
The primary assertion of atheism is not neccessarily that "there is no god," but rather, "there is no good evidence for a god." And until evidence of a god is presented, we will be atheists. 

The beauty of nature is not evidence of god, unless the ugly aspects of nature such as disease, famine, rape and death are evidence against god. Atheists view nature as lacking conscious planning, and thus see both it's beauty and it's ugliness as incidental. 

The bible, the koran, someone's personal sense of god--these things are not evidence, but articles of faith. Faith is the opposite of evidence. In fact, the very definition of faith is "belief without evidence"--which is what many atheists are really against. 

But even these non-evidence-based beliefs wouldn't be a problem if they didn't influence societal opinions and attitudes and negatively affect public policy and our political discourse. With that said, it should be noted that not all atheists have qualms with other people's religiosity, but many do take issue with it for the very reasons I detailed moments ago.


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2657日 前
 hello and good day OMGJBRR
very close from here, send a dear greeting to you ...
   happening and a bit of spring, even if the
   weekend not so nice ... so I'll give you
   my friendship here with
   to understand ...

for we shall meet again here, and go a little walk
                Kind regards


3062日 前
Snowy. :3
And rainy+cold. xP
Hows school.?


3076日 前
Hows ur weekend? c:


3077日 前
I know. Sometimes i wish for them to have a free cincert but not too many ppl know bout it but we all know that's NEVER gonna happen and work out. -.-


3082日 前
Lol its REALLY expensive, i know. :\
& okiee I still follow u right!? Imma check.


3083日 前
Ahh! u should of gone! :o
I know I wouldn't miss tht chance. ;) aha :D


3084日 前
Lol xD They probably might come during their tour which is starting next week in Europe.
:D they came here (NYC) like 4-5 times and i missed them only a few blocks away w/o knowing. -.-


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