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Hi! I'm Nez_Babe! I get the name Nez from Mike Nemith from the Monkees ❤

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....(/(_•_)\) HATE ANIMAL     
..._/''**''\ ABUSE.

I love the 60s too much!
I love The Beatles, The Monkees, Herman's Hermits, and The Animals. My top favorite is The Monkees. I also have serious love for electro swing.

All I'm saying, is give peace a chance...
R.I.P Spock
R.I.P Prince
R.I.P Cynthia Lennon
R.I.P John Lennon and George Harrison
R.I.P Davy Jones
R.I.P Charlie Murphy

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xoxo Nez_Babe ❤


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Mike Nesmith
Mike Nesmith




2310日 前
Hello Nez Babe, just coming by to say thank  you for your friend request. Look forward to your friendship & getting to know  you better. I see  you like  60's  music like  me so think we  will get along  great!!! 
My husbands boss's brother plays for the  Herman Hermits & i just love them!
He use to  play for  Gary Lewis &  the  Playboys too & guess  he still does  on occasion. Seen  them  both in concert several times, along with ton's  of other 60's bands.Look forward to seeing  your work!!!


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