●₣łσώέя ₣ăίяў ĦėŔē●

♥IҒ kιssєs ωєrє ωαtєr, ι ωιℓℓ gιvє υ a sєα. ιҒ нυgs ωєrє ℓєαvєs, ι'ℓℓ gιvє υ α trєє. ιҒ ℓιҒє ωαs a ρlαηєt, ι'ℓℓ gιvє υ α gαℓαxч. ιҒ Ғrιєη∂sнιρ ιs 
ℓιҒє, ι'ℓℓ gιvє υ мιηє

Join my Selena and Demi Group!
--> http://blingee.com/group/27523

-----------//[ Never(EVER)Deletes\\-----------

~Never Delete!~
TJ, Tanja, Tannerz Bananerz, Tanja Banja, No matter what I call u u'll always be my Bestie! Ur so funny and fun to talk to! And u make awesome blingees..and love Nick Jonas! So basically..UR AWESOME! Lylas  Tan-Tan! 
Man-Man 4 life! 

[[...NEVER DELETE THIS!!!...]]
Tanja! OMG! I <<33333 you so much! I <333 Talking to you so much! Your such a sweet friend I can always rely on you! I <33 you with all meh heart! Your my best friend forever and I wouldn't have it
any other way!!! Thnx for being such a great friend!

~Never Delete EVER~

Tan-Tan ur awesome!!! Im sooo happy when ur on you make meh smile!!! I lubb the nickname you gave meh!!! Its soo catchy lol!!! I know we'll be besties for a loonnggg time like forever long haha!! Ur soooo sweet and Thankies for being a great rockin' friend!!! I lubb you like sooooo much like Loadzzz haha!! Lubb you loadzz lol<33

~xoxoRi-Ri The Rhino~ mwha^^

-never ever delete-
tj, ily as a friend, ur so sweet and nice, and i luv that about u. ur like a big sister 2 me. i know our friendship will last long.
XOXO oLiViA tHe OvEr-ExCiTeD OcTuPuS

<<~~NeVeR DeLeTe Or ILl DiE XP~~>>

when im blue as the sky,
your like my drug that makes me high!
im always fine when your there,
ill be here as your teddy bear!
your as precious as a star,
your shining, no matter how far!
so take my blessing,
and ill be your cousin! ((HaHaHa))
your so wonderful!,
soill stay faithful!

~~** EiLa tHe eMeRaLd **~~
~~Never Delete~~


Hii Tanja! Thanks! Lol i forgot to copy & paste so yeah! I'll just write an acrostic poem for you! =D

T-Totes Awesome!
A-Amazingly cool!
N-Never wanna lose her!
J-Jobro fan 4 life!
A-Always there for me! 


~Never Delete~

Tan-Tan~~~ I lubb u soo much

Ur alwayz kind to meh and uggh I just cant put how much u mean to meh into wordzz!! ilyl and ur the best!! Besties for life! btw Bob u rock haha

~XoXoRissy The Rockin' RhinO~

Tanja,thanks so much for everything
Thank you for being my best pal
Thank u for being there when I need someone to talk to
I luv you the way I luv my sis
Most of all,thanks for the friendship that u gave and I will treasure them forever in my heart.Luv ya,Tanja!
U rock my world :)


Tanja,Tanja Ur The Best!
I'll Be Ur Tin-Tin,And U'll Be My Tan-Tan!
Thx For Bein My Best Friend..
I Wouldn't Be Happy Without A Friend Like U
Thx For Everythin 
I Thank God For Givin Me A Friend Like You
I Hope You'll Always Be Happy
And I Promise Never To Forget U
I Luv U,Tanja!Ur The Best!<33333


i'm really really sorry that i never came online at ur birthday...i know that it was ur birthday and i'm so sorry that i haven't been able to be on...we had a group activity that day...don't worry,i'll make U a blingee soon,k?i'll never forget U even when i'm always off..hope u forgive me..miss ya soooo much tanja!luv u girl.<33333




The peanut to my butter,

The star to my burst,

The pop to my tart,

But most importently. . .

♥You're the best to my friend send this to all you're besties♥

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever." 

-Poem from Chrissy

-★ neVer deLete or ilL eat Edward! XD ★-

{ i havent done this in a long time! :P}
   ★ youR my [ Sister ]
       ★ my [ Best Fwend ]
           ★ my [ Other Half ]

★ your my angel thaT god xEnt,
 to Be with me unTil the eNd,
 if you get tired to walk,
 Letx juxT xiT down and talk,
 they xaY "youU ghurLx are crazY!"
 we xay: " whaT can we do? that juxt the way we rolL!" LawL!

 { eiLy lhub Tanja! <33 }

You're My Honeybunch,Sugarplum
Pumpy-Umpy-Umpkin,You're My Sweetie Pie
You're My Cuppycake,Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums Joy,You're The Apple Of 
My Eye And ILoveYou So And I Want You 2 Know That Ill Always Be Right Here.
                             *~Thanks Rissy:]~*

╔╗  ╔╗╔═╦╗╗╔═╗ 
║║  ║╚╣║║║║║═╝
╚╝  ╚═╩═╩═╝╚═╝ⓜⓨ ⓕⓡⓘⓔⓝⓓⓢ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓐⓡⓔ  ⓞⓝⓔ ⓞⓕ  ⓣⓗⓔⓜ
Send this to all people you think that they are friends for you and you love them!(including me,if u think that)

               -From iStrawberryx

~Never Delete Or Ill Jump Off A Cliff (Id Really Miss U)~
Omg Tj!
Im So Sorry 'Bout What Happened,
U Prob Forgot, But I Didnt...
I Just Wanted U 2 Know That Me & Hay Worked It Out, & Now She's My Bestie Again :)

Wooho Tj! Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Tanja, Happy Birthday To U!:) Im Sorry Im Late, But I Love U And Care About You Lots! Ur Amazing & Awesum. Plus Im Jelous Of Ur Great Blingees:P Hope All Ur Wishes Come True!<3 

        -Never Delete-

Thank you guys sooo much for these never deletes! i almost cried reading them, not only cause there from my friends on blingee but because some of them left blingee and arnt coming back so its really nice to have these and there my favorite part of my profile! you guys are the best:]

Jonas Brothers<3 
Hello beautiful I'll hold on to your s.o.s when you look me in the eyes because were just friends and I'veonly got six minutes so please be mine because I am what I am so I won't wait until the year 3000 becauseyou're what I go to school for and it's time for me to fly to Australia so i won't wait a little bit longerbecause I'm burnin' up for you and we're inseparable but it's almost 7:05  but that's ok because you've got me going crazy so i won't say goodnight and goodbye because you just don't know it and I'm still in love with you  and I just wanna  play my music because we rock so just  take a breath because we got the party with us so don't go pushin' me away because if I can't have you it's ok because that's just the way we roll 

Hey Demi!
Lets go to the Party and Believe In Me, Selena and the Jonas Brothers will be there. Don't Forget to grab your purse, and I thought when we Get Back you might wanna invite Selena to sleep over. Don't go into your La La Land the ride back cause I need to talk about you and Joe being On the Line. Soon your Gonna Get Caught with him cause you know he's dating someone else. If you get in a fight with anyone I'll be there to get in The Middle it and help you out. Guess what Nick told me? He said Until Your Mine I will cry every night before I sleep. I felt like a Trainwreck when he said that! So I said I'll be yours forever and he kissed me. I guess Two Worlds Collide all the time to make life perfect.
If you love Demi Lovato then add this to your page!

●₣łσώέя ₣ăίяў ĦėŔē● 
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