• Aυtми,Wintєя,Spяιng aиd Sυммєя...


    372 Members

    Hey!:3 Ti potresti iscrivere in questo gruppo? Aмι L'AυTυииσ,L'Inνєяиσ Lα Pяιмανєяα e...

  • Flower ✿ Lovers

    Flower ✿ Lovers

    1957 Members

    FOR ANYONE who likes flowers and loves to make blingees with FLOWERS ♥ ♫ ✿ ♥ ♫ ✿

  • Everything Animals

    Everything Animals

    20 Members

    If you like creating animal Blingees, Join us here! It doesn't matter what kind of anim...

  • ''··..let fly your imagination..··''

    ''··..let fly y...

    126 Members

    This is a group for everything an for everybody, the most important thing is your imagi...

  • In Black & White

    In Black & ...

    142 Members

    This is for the Blingee's that showes the Beauty of Black and White. With Color Monthly...

  • Pink Pink Pink

    Pink Pink Pink

    131 Members

    If you love PINK ....Design your pink creaions here!!! keep clean have fun and let you...

  • ◕。﹌♡ It's Future Fantasy♡﹌。◕

    ◕。﹌♡ It's Futur...

    21 Members

    Benvenuti in questo fantastico gruppo!! Iscriviti!!

  • MY storys

    MY storys

    5 Members

    SCHreibt was ihr wollt ^^

  • BEAUTY <3

    BEAUTY <3

    9 Members

    trouvez les nouvelle tendance en beauté du coté maquillage au coté coupe de cheveux a l...

  • Blingee Your Favorite Color.

    Blingee Your Fa...

    10 Members

    Blingee Your Favorite Color. Keep It Clean And You Know What I Mean Please!

  • •°•°•Wè ârė üš•°•°•

    •°•°•Wè ârė üš•...

    9 Members

    In this group you can add anything you'd like. Nudity will not be excepted. There will ...

  • All That Sparkles ~ GROUP ICON BY JOYFUL226

    All That Sparkl...

    63 Members


  • The Ballet Hall

    The Ballet Hall

    12 Members

    ❤ This group is for all of us who share passion and love for ballet.❤ This group ...

  • H a p p i n e s :3

    H a p p i n e s :3

    30 Members

    .Essere felici ecco la chiave della vita se anche tu sei pazza entra .

  • Portraits & Interiors

    Portraits &...

    11 Members

    Be cool be decent enhance your style!!

  • I Love Cats! Ich liebe Katzen !

    I Love Cats! Ic...

    292 Members

    Hier werden Katzenbilder gesammelt und präsentiert! Auch Raubkatzen sind erlaubt ! ...



    6295 Members

    Estar enamorado es La última copa Para el bebedor Un buen libro Para el pensador ...

  • Blingee Animals

    Blingee Animals

    38 Members

    This is a Group for you to show off all your Gorgeous Pets & Animals. Pets & Animals ...

  • I love Green !

    I love Green !

    200 Members

    Hier nur Bilder mit Viel (Hauptfarbe ) Grün !

  • I-love-PURPLE/LILA


    159 Members

    for all who love the color PURPLE - für alle Liebhaber der Farbe LILA - pour tous ceux ...

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