this is our song

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This is your time ...
*~LeTs KeEp ThIs LiKe OuR sIcReT~*By MoonAngelOfLight
συя ѕσиg}
Happy November Birthday to all who have Birthdays this month by Joyful226
on the quiet glade, a snowy way home ...
Kadaj vs Cloud _ "But alas, in our happy flock, he's what you'd call a black sheep."
"I knew that beyond this moonlight our love was true."
Myrrh Is Mine Joyful226
I loved you....(By:Melanie....plez don't copy this blingee)
Today My Life Begins.
SONG contest round 1 (WOW thanks for so much persons the blingee is to little xD)
In Christ alone my hope is found.