the letter g

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The Letter I Did Not Send
The Letter
Sisters "The Letter" by Connie
f!sh!es !n the b!g blue sea........
the elenor rigby biography, the letter
~♥♫•Miku-chan` - Color` of` the` wind`•♫♥~
~♥♫•Yuuki` Asuna` (from` Sword` art` online`) - Living` in` the sky` with` diamonds`•♫♥~
~♥♫•Miku` Hatsune` - Into` the` DEEP`•♫♥~
~♥♫•Fairy` Tail` - Let's` rewrite` the` story` of` owr` lives`•♫♥~
~♥♫•Toma` (from` Amnesia`) - Like` the` light` , you` disappear`•♫♥~
~♥♫•Anime` Boy` (Uta no Prince-Sama) - Suddenly` the` sky` is` falling`•♫♥~