the best thing that ever happend to you is me

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-♦- It's the best time of the year! -♦-
To all my fellow Addicts
The best thing in my world
Minzy [2ne1] - I am the best
Dear Ex-Friend, Thank You For Being My Friend Before You Became My Ex-Friend - Elarn03
Park Bom [2ne1] - I am the best
P.S. I Love You.♥.
Xena & Ares - You're the Best Thing in My World
Miku Hatsune~It's the hardes thing i ever have to do...To walk away from you..When i wanna hold you,
~Can't You See Me....I'm Right Here~
♥☆ღ✡♫☠☺|✞ஜMy Deidara Figure THE BEST ONE YETஜ✞|☺☠♫✡ღ☆♥ {ɓƴ χχℜɘƨɨɘѵɨƪɑ∂∂ɨƇƮɘ∂χχ}