sympathy for the loss of your sister

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let me love you, if not for the rest of your life then for the rest of mine
Aim For The Stars & Live Your Dreams
For The Love Of Books
Thank you For The Gift Of Your Friendship ~ For My Blingee Buds
For The Love Of Roses
Love The world of your eyes
For The Love Of Her Pink Teddy Bear
Kagome sama - listen to the whispers of your heart
With Deepest Sympathy For Ladywillie
~♥♫•Lily` - Listen` to` the` whispers` of` your` Heart`•♫♥~
For your marvelous Mom♥living  in peace and in love♥my dear friend Mary♥Fairyirish04♥  p
For the love of Music ~ SBF1 ~ Borzoilvr