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sweet Puppy Love ~ Best Friends 4-ever: by Maddi
♣*♪♬♪нaaPpY в-daaaY DeeEмιι♣*♪♬♪ *ιι paa CoηKυυ dEE paмee*
Strawberry Fields Forever: by Maddi (of course, the Beatles did iy first!)
You & me BFF !!!! [Emo][Scene][Pink][Original Blingee by andiibieber123]
IiCee - CreeaMm WoOrLdD !!!!! [PiNk][YeLlow][OriiGiiNaL Bliingee by andiibieber123]
andii &  yaher - GoOdD FriieNnDsZ [Black][White][Chad & Sunny][OriiGiiNaL BliinGee by andiibieber123]*ReeaDd DeSzCriypTyiOonN*
Africa-Het iy 'n groot dag vriende 2...
Happy Birthday Robin <3
my tribute to chibi love
TayLor SwiiFt -[White]*[Oriigoinal Blinge by andiibieber123]
Africa-Het iy 'n groot dag vriende ...