demi love is louder then the pressure to be perfect

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Cilan ~ Pokemon Best Wishes
What love is made of
on the way to the village   •´☼`•  auf dem Weg zum Dorf
My tears vanish in the clouds, they do not make it up to you. I want to be with you, I'll cry until I had you again ...
I love looking into your eyes, and I can see this deep passionate LOVE,  This LOVE Matt, this Love is for me.
Where you are loved, you do not always just laugh, you allowed to dare even to be sad, and you may also make mistakes.
Love comes in at the eyes
The key to my happiness
(¯`·.☆{ My love is not dead}☆.·´¯)
All The Lonely People
Nero Love is War
Love is a moment that lasts forever