demi lovato and miley cyrus

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Demi and Miley
Miley {Alli} & Demi {Me}
Jonas Brothers, Cody Simpson, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.
DeLo & MiCy
I love those girls!
Selena Gomez & demi lovato and miley cyrus
♥YoU aNd Me♥<-----Original Blingee By Renesmee_Carlie_Cullen_Black !Don't Copy!
Miley and Demi
misssiii schatzzziiie ;D and mE
Gorgeous Disney Girls - (from left to right) Demi, Ashley, Vanessa and Miley
Bestest Friends! Pop Princesses! Demi Lovato (Mannu) and Miley Cyrus (Me)!! I Luv U So Much!! Luvs
Demi & Selena BFFLS