American Idol Lovers!


Hey guys! This group is for anyone who is a fan of AI! I will except ALL Blingees of ANY American Idol perticipant! Also, please respect that others may like different people more than others so, BE NICE!! Please, no pics of yourself. Please join! =D

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Please join this group! My friend thinks that she's the only one who  REALLY REALLY likes AI so, let's show her she's wrong!I except anyone into this group so, feel free! I suppose if you want to put a picture of yourself or someone else, it's ok as long as it is appropriate and says "future American Idol!" or something. HAHA! I also might let you guys put some on of ANY famous person. If I don't get to accept you into the group or a blingee, SORRY! I'll get to you as soon as I can. All I ask is that if you join, please copy and paste the following onto your profile thingy.

               <3 I LOVE American Idol!! <3
                           =))   ...
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