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about 3 hours ago
HI Mary, Thank you and PLEASE Thank everyone for there sweet comments. I have been with my sister most of the time, They are not doing well at all. They finished with the investagation and they said that our Dear Sweet Dustin commited suicide.The conductor said he looked up and Dustin was sitting on the track, Dustin looked at him covered his face with his hands and put his head down. We just can't believe it. His funeral is tomorrow.I will be back soon. Love To Everyone.
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There are no words to express the sorrow I feel for this family. May God grant Dustin peace and may he rest in His eternal light.
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Oh i am so so sorry, it is a sad tragic loss that one so young took his life this way.  They think it is the easy way out and that it will save others from hurting, but that is sadly not the case.  My partner works on the railroads and knows what it is like from the driver, guards, rail people and of course the loss the families suffer to lose someone this way.  I know a train driver who had a similar experience and could no longer work as he blamed himself though he could've done nothing.  I wish her strength and courage to carry on, and at least take heart that he died in the way he wished to. R.I.P. to him and my sympathy to all who have been touched by this tragic death.
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I am so  sorry ...
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oh my. (((HUGS)))  Heartfelt prayers for you and your family. <3