GabyChan13's SuperJail, cartoon & Video game contest Club

GabyChan13's SuperJail, cartoon & Video game contest Club

Welcome to Super Jail Bitches.XD I'm the Warden,& you're a criminal. No I'm kidding,it's me GabyChan13.XD

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<--Winner of the Conker contest.

Winner of the gravity falls contest.

Winner of the Disney villains Halloween contest

Winner of the Earthworm Jim contest

Winner of the Adventure Time contest.

Winner of the 1/15/12 Chowder contest

Winner of the 12/30/11 Daria contest

Winner of the 12/10/11 Assasin's Creed contest

Winner of the 11/19/11 Natasha Fatale contest

Winner of the 10/26/11 Beavis & ButtHead contest.

Winner of the 10/19/11 Monster High contest.;list_type=4098&group_id=22290

Winner of the 10/6/11 Jem & The Holograms Vs.Barbie & the Rockers contest.;list_type=4098&group_id=22290

Winner of the 9/26/11 Retro Nickelodeon contest.

Winner of the 8/26/11 ThunderCats contest

Winner of the 8/20/11 Sym-Bionic Titan contest;offset=1&group_id=22290

Winner of the 8/6/11 Lola & Bugs Bunny contest.;offset=1&group_id=22290

Winner of the 7/27/11 HardCore Duncan & Gwen contest.

Winner of the 4/4/10 Brutal Legend video game riddle contest.

Winner of the 3/17/10 Rocky & Bullwinkle riddle contest.

Winner of the 3/8/10 Simpsons riddle contest.

Winner of the 7/1/11 Jem contest.

What's up y'all?,you know this is the 1st ever SuperJail club to ever set foot into,& I wanna make sure that I'll find some people that're into SuperJail as much as I'am,but everyone who joins this club has the freedom to express their feelings about the Warden's sexyness,but also express their thoughts about the show,the characters,& other things about SuperJail as well,but you can also talk about other cartoons & your favorite video games as well..."Naw what I mean?!"XD
Every week I come with a riddle for a certain cartoon &(or)video game & you have to guess the answer,if you know the answer don't type it in(unless you just wanna tell me the answer on my profile) & feel free to make a blingee of the answer to the riddle (if you want to),but if your blingee gets the most votes it'll be the icon of the week in this group.^-^


Cartoon riddle
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Video game character riddle
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Cartoon riddle
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Cartoon riddle
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Disney Villain Halloween contest
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