書き込み: 5154日 前
Now that I got your attention haha, I really like reviewing the blingees and picking one for the icon but feel that as it is your club you guys should have a say in it aswell. So how about we all can make a blingee leave a link to it and others can go and vote on it ,now I know ppl have theme comps but I feel that as long as its a fantasy pic it could be anything, I dont see the need to go to a pic and leave a " öh its lovely" comment as if you have to do this to every pic you could be here a long time so I think just a star vote eg ***, in the comments section say one to five stars, then on sunday evening[aust time], ill go thru them and the one with the most stars goes up as the icon of the week,I may need a few ppl to stand by to fill in for me if something comes up or failling that it will go up when i can get to it, if you would like to help contact me at anyway let me know what you think and we can start in about a weeks time if we get enough ppl.TTFN
P.S. if you want to leave a comment for a blingee then by all means do so just dont forget the stars.
書き込み: 5145日 前
ok no takers then ill forget about it 
書き込み: 5061日 前
That's a good idea!
書き込み: 5061日 前
It's an awesome idea:-)
書き込み: 5058日 前
my idea is u can set the add mode auto straight to the group.. so that blingee that have make can auto seen in the group and dont have to wait for u to approve :)
書き込み: 2791日 前
got a couple 1st places not bad eh need to keep them there