-=-GLamouRous GaL-=-

-=-GLamouRous GaL-=-

"have the guts,looks,and the body??" well join my group "GG"and be the one who will shine in this land of glamourous gal!! Note: This is not a beauty group,if you want to find new friends this is also for you!!

  • 創始者: kharma00
  • ナンバー数: 13
  • Blingee数: 3
This group is for all who think that they're glamour,beautiful and pretty.

GG rules!
1.) nudity pictures are not allowed.
2.) all members must know their co-members.
3.) share their ideas and thoughts.
4.) respect each other.
5.) send some of their blingees,so that it would seen by others.

キーワード: HOT... beauty friends sexy


Do you like puppys?lol
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