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書き込み: 1542 days 前
Blackcat41 and RedHeadsRule, I only have this to say...Very well articulated!  Kudos to you both ;-)
書き込み: 1542 days 前
Totally agree with Blackcat41 and ReadHeadRules. I was moderating since a few weeks and become in one just to help.  Doing moderator's job can assume that there's NO possibility to discriminate or to go after somebody because there's a simple reason: a moderator NEVER KNOWS the name of the owner of the stamp or Blingee she is moderating. Also we have to understand that the site has rules, and we have to respect them. 

I only can think, as I told Natasha some days ago, that there's a great misunderstood between her and BT. Natasha is a friend and I love her, she's a correct person that loves differents artistics expressions, as all we are. 

I hope everything can be clarify and Natasha can be with us sooner and of course, she has to be convinced that nobody are against her. As Gloria says, we must know both sides of the story, but I only want to express, that the moderators are out of this kind of decisions. 

I really hope that our friend Nataliplus can be back with us and all this unfortunate incident can be quickly forgotten.
書き込み: 1542 days 前
i feel super bad for this : but also what natasha was doing : was trying to call out the mods: for disgrading all the postcards for all the down votes everything : just like me i agreed with natasha: cause most mods are worthless: they denie every post card: and they denie alot stamps that don't need to be denied: most the mods are jealus of good work: and i garentee the jealus and kids are actully the ones messing up the site: on the top this site is becomming worthless due to the fact: no new badges no new nothing we are paying money to these people to do nothing but get same stupid badges: so honesty i will deffinty stand with natasha over this cause it stupid and immature how these people act: they are getting paid to do absoulety nothing for this site: and honesty we all need to stop paying money on this and let them fall: they don't give a fuck a about us and they never will
書き込み: 1542 days 前
I still don't get why they would block her, I do hope that she gets her stuff back. I do like her Blingees. She has always been very artistic. I am sosorry Natasha.
書き込み: 1542 days 前
The rules on have been pretty clear for the last 10 years:

- No nudity is allowed
- No offensive content is allowed
- No abusive language or bullying is allowed

If any user chooses to repeatedly violate all those rules, ignore warnings, and respond by being abusive to individuals and spam the site in defiance with knowingly disapproved content, then this might not be the right community for them.

We have shown a lot of tolerance, open-mindedness, and patience over the years, and value art for what it is. That being said, the rules are clear and we all need to abide by them.

Thank you. Bling On!
書き込み: 1542 days 前
Llego tarde a este hilo. No he podido entrar antes a la página. Siento mucho lo que ha pasado.  
書き込み: 1541 days 前
I think the Blingee_Team just gave the final word on this issue ;-)

This site has not and will not ever discriminate against anyone.  They don't just ban or suspend a person just because they feel like it.  I know that it takes a lot before a person loses their privileges on this site!  I mean think about it--They're just going haphazardly ban or suspend accounts on here?  That kind of defeats the purpose of having this site.

I for one, am pleased that the Blingee_Team addressed this issue ;D
書き込み: 1541 days 前

These are the criteria for entering blingees in postcards:

Win Postcard badges for your profile!
·No offensive or violent content allowed
·No commercial content allowed
·No watermarks or logos from other sites allowed
·No duplicates or intentional copies of other postcards allowed

All of that is located right under the blingee when you go to enter it into postcards.  

In the past, I've seen a lot of people treat the postcards like they were entering into the weekly competitions.  For instance, let's say that 20 people used the same stamp as the main object in the blingee.  Then all 20 people enter their blingee into the postcards, obviously, not all 20 blingees are going to make it into the postcards.

What I'm trying to convey is, the postcards are completely different from the weekly comps.

I hope I've helped you to understand the requirements for entering postcards :D
書き込み: 1541 days 前
Speaking as a moderator, I have to say that Blackcat41 & RedHeadsRule are correct in saying that us moderators don't have much power and we CERTAINLY DO NOT have the power to block anyone. Its the higher ups (yes higher up then moderators) that are the ones that can block/suspend people and they are the only ones that can actually permanently stop certain blingees and stamps we are like they said only able to bring unsavory ones to their attention.
書き込み: 1541 days 前
I think a large part of this was due to simple misunderstanding and a gap in communication. There is a language difference that has not been overcome in this case. Her complaint was that her blingees and stamps were being deleted for using images that others also used but their blingees/stamps were not deleted. She felt this was unjust. She believed a moderator was unfairly singling her out. Many of us tried to explain Moderators are simply unable to do that. However an individual could be reporting her work as offensive and getting hers deleted that way as they do bend the rules. The bottom line of course is that the rules are very clear about nudity. No bare breasts, butts, or genitalia can be shown. Whilst the illustrations she used are indeed art, they are simply against the rules of this site as they were drawn. I have uploaded stamps and made blingees of the same art, however I always cover the nudity in some way either by hand drawing a covering, or putting something over the nudity to cover it so it complies with the guidelines. I do not think Nataliplus meant to break any rules or be disrespectful in any way. She is genuinely a nice person. I personally would greatly appreciate it if she were to agree to follow the rules going forward, that she be given another chance and allowed to have her account back. 
書き込み: 1541 days 前
書き込み: 1540 days 前
  I am an old blingster like Redheadsrule.  I would just like to say that I am glad the BT spoke up and stated exactly what the rules are again for everyone that seems to have forgotten what they are. We have to follow those rules. Moderators have no control as to who's Blingee is deleted or who's stamp is deleted. Our job as Blingsters is to report it to the BT!!! They handle it!

書き込み: 1538 days 前
Hey, Skinz200!!! Who you callin' OLD???? LOL! 
書き込み: 1537 days 前
But how to help?
I want her to come back to blingee
書き込み: 1536 days 前
She's already back on here.  The problem has been resolved.
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