Blingee Server Upgrades [Ongoing]

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書き込み: 2129日 前
Another (smaller) problem: I cannot add a description text.

And a reminder of the problem that it's no longer possible to choose an image from photobucket.
書き込み: 2128日 前
Everything works well again. Thanks!
書き込み: 2127日 前
書き込み: 2127日 前
@SHAKENBAKE32: Is that still a problem right now?
書き込み: 2125日 前
Thank you-thank you dear friends of Blingee-Team for efficiency, speed and diligence with which they acted to solve the problems that bothered us several days ago; I'm happy to get my beloved page with the security of always!
♥Lovely blessings, embraces and kisses for all of you.................Mwakkkkkk♥

書き込み: 2124日 前
@BT I was confused by an earlier message posted so I am not sure if this was addressed or not. It looked like it might have been brought to admin's attention but because of the situation, you all are unable to pinpoint the issue? But I've noticed while uploading stamps I frequently see this error... 

'Oops, Error

"We had an error processing your request. This could be caused by a bad image file. Please make sure that your file is a valid PNG, JPG, or GIF image or try another image."

When I resave and overwrite the same file, it will upload. I changed nothing, not even the name. It's strange. Last week, someone else asked me about the same error and I gave her my work around and it worked for her also. So I know others are encountering this error, too.

I saw that you were asking for links to images, so if this was trying to be addressed, here is one of the images, if not, please disregard my confusion, tehehe.;content=Icons&owner=mystique1155
書き込み: 2124日 前
Ugh, lol. I just reread the first comment in this thread. I uploaded a bunch of stamps and the error did not occur again but the next time I get that error, I will be sure to send an email with the image BEFORE I overwrite the image to upload. :D
書き込み: 2123日 前
I've uploaded some new stamps recently on my main account japanfan12345

So far, I haven't had any error messages. But I've noticed my stamps are being shrunk down. They are large and clear on my hard drive but then when I upload them they come out incredibly small... 
書き込み: 2122日 前
Hi you guys from the team !

I do not know why I can't enter this blingee with a little vintage girl on it ? There is no way in any competition ?

This a the pic :

Hope you will be able to solve the problem

Thanks in advance and have a good week ahead

Hugs xoxoxoxo

書き込み: 2122日 前
I was hoping someone could tell me why this Blingee remains unranked in the competitions! It's not breaking any rules; it is, however, one that was fixed/re-created by BT! I thought, perhaps, when it was remade, it skipped that possible? I have it in three competitions: goth, artistic, and girl! Thank you for your time and attention!
書き込み: 2121日 前
Still no way to use firefox- well. I won't use any other browser - even if I can't make any blingees. 
書き込み: 2121日 前
Question: I'm thinking about installing Windows10. Does that have consequences for making blingees?
書き込み: 2120日 前
I have windows 10 and I use the browser firefox and have no problems making blingees!
書き込み: 2120日 前
Thanks Tracy!
書き込み: 2120日 前
Hello birdie1952,

I also have Windows 10.  I have had no problems with using Blingee on Google Chrome, IE 11, or Edge.  
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