Toby- The Mystic part one(no i didnt write this)

Toby- The Mystic part one(no i didnt write this)
HOW YOU MET: You're on vacation several states away and on your last day you decide to go shopping. The local mall is huge. You feel excited inside as you shop through the different stores, some of which you'd never been inside before. The local guys are pretty cute too. Several have caught your eye. Still, you decide not to go talk to them, as you're leaving tomorrow and will be nowhere near them. As the day comes to an end and you start to head to the exit with your shopping bags, you notice a guy examining you, his blue eyes staring out from beneath his long hair. Your insides flutter. He's cute too. Still, you must be on your way. You pass by him, ignoring his stare, and exit the mall. Later that night, you drift off into a dream...where you appear back at the mall, at the exact same place, looking at the exact same boy. Only this time he approaches you. ''I'm Toby,'' he smiles. Surprised, you tell him your name. ''I couldn't help but notice you,'' he says, ''You don't look like you're from around here.'' ''No, I'm on vacation,'' you say, ''I'm actually leaving tomorrow.'' ''Well, that's too bad,'' Toby's smile falters for a second, then brightens back up. He turns to leave, calling, ''I'll be seeing you.'' You then wake up from your dream, wondering what on earth just happened. Your mind begins to reel. Is the boy's name actually Toby? Was that dream just a coincidence? It didn't feel like an ordinary whacky dream. Slightly unnerved, you decide it's best for you to get back to sleep. It takes a few hours, but finally you drift off into blackness. THE STORY: You go home the next day and find yourself still wondering about that boy in the mall. Toby, if that's really his name. You replay the dream in your head. Something didn't feel natural. ''But of course it must be natural,'' you tell yourself, ''Let's use logic here.'' After much work to convince yourself that it was just another stupid dream, you go about your day. Later that night, you fall asleep and drift back into Dreamland...where the boy comes again, only this time he approaches on your own front lawn. ''Toby?'' you ask, stepping cautiously out to meet him. ''I was hoping you'd remember me,'' he smiles, standing in front of you, his hair blowing gently in the evening wind. ''How did you find me here?'' you ask. ''Just followed the trail,'' he says. You have no idea what he means, but right now his very presence seems enchanting. The breeze blows through your hair and you feel the cool grass beneath your bare feet. Suddenly it feels like a night from a fairy tale. ''Care to dance?'' Toby asks. It catches you off-guard. ''What?'' you ask. ''Don't tell me you've never danced like this before,'' Toby laughs, ''During the evening, where the grass is wet and cool beneath your bare feet. The fireflies are out, the stars are many. The world seems to be your song. Here, I'll show you.'' There's no way you can refuse. Slowly you place your hands in his and he starts to lead you in a dance you've never learned before, but somehow know all the steps to. You laugh as you skip around the lawn, faster and faster, until it ends with you close in his arms. Nothing has ever felt so right. You long to kiss him. He smiles at you, then lets you go and begins to back away. ''Wait, where are you going?'' you ask. ''I can only stay for a little while,'' Toby says, still backing into the night, ''But you'll see me tomorrow night, if you want me to come back.'' ''Of course I want you to come back,'' you say, wishing the night would never end. Toby smiles sweetly, then your dream disappears and you fall into a deep dreamless sleep. LATER: Toby always keeps his word. He comes back in your dreams night after night, but only stays for a few precious minutes. Every morning when you wake up, you wish you never had to leave your dream. Sometimes you wonder if it really is just a dream. It can't be. Everything about Toby seems so real. He's always there for you at night. He dances with you frequently, holds you in his warm protective arms. Yet always before the kiss, he has to leave. After a month of seeing him in your dreams, you are absolutely determined to go back to where you were on vacation and find him. You know he's a real guy - you saw him at the mall while you were still awake. You know you were still awake. You have your shopping items as proof. However, your parents aren't too hot on you going way back to your vacation spot. As embarrassing as you know it's going to be, you tell them about Toby, how you saw him at the mall that one day and he's appeared in your dreams every night since. This only concerns your parents, who set up a doctor's appointment for you. You're mortified as the doctor says you possibly have schizophrenia. You know you don't have a mental illness. You have to find Toby and clear this out. Logically it shouldn't even be possible - but you know that it's happening. LATER AGAIN: You are absolutely thrilled to hear one of your friends is going to the exact same resort you stayed at when you saw Toby. After a lot of begging and a little bit of bribing, she allows you to go with her. After a couple days, you tell her you want to go for a drive and you'll be back later. You have absolutely no idea where he lives or where to find him, but you drive around the neighborhood searching anyway. You're about to give up when you see a boy with long brown hair walking down the sidewalk. You know it's Toby. You've seen him enough to tell. You pull over and run up to him. ''Toby!'' you call. He turns around and when he sees you, he takes a couple steps back in disbelief. ''What are you doing here?'' he asks confusedly. ''Just following the trail,'' you smirk, using the line he first used on you when he met you in your first dream. ''You don't have a trail,'' Toby says, an amused smile on his face, but his eyes still questioning. ''Well, I knew you lived around here, so I came here with my friend's family and just searched around,'' you admit, ''It's really lucky that I found you.'' You stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds. You want to run up into his arms again, like you do nearly every night, but first you know you need answers. ''I see you in my dreams every night,'' you say. ''I must've made a good first impression,'' he smiles. ''No joking, Toby,'' you frown, ''You never told me your name that day at the mall. I learned it when you came to me in that first dream, and because you haven't denied it, I'm assuming I've got your name right.'' Toby's confident look falls and suddenly he looks insecure. ''What's going on, Toby? How are you doing this?'' you ask quietly, ''How are you seeing me in my dreams? I need to know.'' Toby pauses and swallows, reluctant. You wait for him to speak. Finally he begins: ''My biological mother was raped by a stranger one night, and that's how I was conceived. She really didn't want me, but...she decided she'd try and keep me, give me up for adoption after she'd given birth to me. She was young, only 17 years old. But as time went on, she got so many insults at school, people thinking she was a slut, not listening to the real story. At 6 months pregnant she aborted me.'' He pauses. You look at him strangely. ''Wait a minute, shouldn't you be dead if you were aborted?'' you ask. (see #2
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