Lee Chaelin (CL of 2ne1)

Lee Chaelin (CL of 2ne1)
Oh damn it's been so long. I was looking at my browser favourite page i saw this website. So much memories. To be clear first, i'm not coming back lol. I've never get to do a blingee for the person who inspires me the most in life (besides Marina and The Diamonds), so i've decided to do one last for my dear CL. Wow, it's just been so long, i think i was like 15 the last time i came on this website and this year i'll be 22. My music tastes have changed a lot, i don't listen to these disney stars, but Rihanna is still one of my favourite artists. I mainly listen to Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, 2ne1 and some kpop artists. Lol, my english improved a lot since last time i came, i mean i study English at uni, this is my last year before the bIG BIG degree. I want to be a French teacher for foreigners haha. I also said goodbye to a lot of people who weren't worth it and i've got closer to others that i cherish the most today. Anyway, happy 2018 and I hope the best for y'all! Bye!
作成者: Wuffie


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