[1] Hello. I'm sorry if some of you feel as if I've forgotten about you.. I promise you, I haven't. I don't feel the same about Blingee as I did six years ago. I'm sorry. [2] I have done this every year for the past six and I must do it again. I'm not sure if it's going to be every night like the past years but I'll try my best. [3] The time has come, yet again! Marching Season! Marching season begins next week and I'm so proud and anxious! This is my final marching season and it's to unbelievable to even think about. I'm going to miss it. here are some little updates/reminders :) You remember me talking about how we have section leaders who are ahead of everything, the "captains", the bosses of the band? [it's okay if you don't] Well you are looking at the new clarinet section leader! xD I plan on taking my clarinets to the bay of success; I know I will too! I am also in Wind Symphony.. if you don't know what that is.. it's the band that only the top players go, the over achievers, the ones whom are looked up upon by under classmen.. I am also a Senior. I know I mentioned that earlier in this update but yes, it is true, I am a senior.. ----- remember, Band on MONDAY and TUESDAY are only from 8-12 [Leaders and Freshman], while WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY is from the lovely 8AM-9:30PM.. I will be busy and not able to come online.. if I come online at all. I'm sorry, I plan on getting A LOT of pictures, and perhaps posting videos on youtube. That is my goal; to create memories not only for myself and my clarinets, but to include you, my non-band friends. If you want to go to my YouTube and add me as a friend, my account [I made this when I was 10! lol] is BackstreetBoyz4Life.. look me up! xD Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE twitter.. I spend every waking moment on there! If you have a twitter and would like to follow me, look up ElivshWarrior. [WARNING: I do use my real name on there becuase of my clarinets, but I do still perfer Lalain. That's why it's my number one Nickname.]-----I love you all and I hope to hear from you guys in the future. Again, I'm sorry for the lack of blingee-Time.. ish.. thing.. haha but I'll try my best to include you guys.. ALSO if you have a WeHeartIt or Tumblr, leave me a comment and we can get info. :) Love Ya'!
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