For my Prince Charming.

For my Prince Charming.
Buenop este lean la descripcion si quieren. Es algo larga y en ingles pero significa mucho para mi Dear Charming prince, i miss you every single day of my live and every minute that pass i love you a little more. You are one of the reasons that im happy. I love you more that you will ever imagine. Sometimes i just like to remember the first day we meet. Remember? 6 of june of 2011? You was just a guy with 14 years, that was very weird and have a weird LeTTeR :'). And i was like your sister in law, because i was the girlfriend of your brother. When we first meet i remember that i was so mad at Brian, and you was my first support. I remember saying Violette that she needed date you, because she was the one that make you happy. Time pass... Then i hear that she breakup with you... I was so mad at her. You and I were best friends. If she was hurting you. It was hurting me 10000 times worst. I dont know how i said you that i love you :| It was weird but not untrue. We start to talk alot about the idea of me braking up with Brian and be your girlfriend. Finally 27/06/11 i broke up with Brian. Before that night you ask me if that i was going to break up with Brian, i could be with you. I said yes.. And you told me 3 times 'TeQuieroMucho' but we know that, that 'TeQuiero' was meaning 'I really Love You' Totally, as i was saying i break up with him... Then you suddenly start to talk in the account of your brother, We start to talk and i indirectly start to say to you. 'Well im not more your sister in law... Today i break up with Brian' And then you answer me: 'Yes i know, Brian just stand up of the chair and he says "Val just break up with me" and he go downstairs and eat a carrot' Whatever, the both we know that we've both nervous. Then i suddenly say.. 'Well i have to go... Tommorrow i have school and its late. Bye you :)' Before i go you told me 'Hey Val! Before you go i need to ask you something...' You send me a message. And it say.... Valeria will you... *(x39) be my girlfriend?(: I scream.. i was so happy. I start to cry, while i send you a 'Yes, i wanna be your girlfriend! I love you!!' We became boyfriends when we just have 3 weeks of meet eachother. We've happily in our relationship. Later in the month of July It was our anniversary of a month. You never get connected. And you never apologized. 3 days later a friend told me that you was with another girl. My heart get broken for the first time.... 2 months full of tears and sadness. Then you comeback make peaces with me and you ask me if we comeback to be Mr. and Mrs. PutYourLastNameHere. i say yes. We both get happy again. But this time just for a week. You broke up with me telling me 'I love you, but not in that way. You just dont think that is ugly being with someone that you like but not that you love?'. I was devastated. A couple hours later you was boyfriend of my best friend Violette. Violette know that i was mad at her and you.. And lot of things more... So she breakup with u and you comeback with me. Im not really sure how much time we last in our 3th chance. But later it was over. After a month of being friends and that. You told me how amazing i was c': And we comeback again. We breakup definitely at October. We start dating other people. Well i just date another one boy and you dated another 5 girls. We get disconnected and we never get talk again. Im march. We talk. You was nervous... Like always. {Your stupidness make you nervous, honney?} [Joking i love you] We became friends again. The rumors start to come.. And your ex girlfriend say that is jealous of me. Because you want me back. And i want you back 2. And now in like a month is our aniversary of 1 year of knowing eachother. I dont know either why im writing this. I just need to write this to you. Wondering if you will ever read this. I love you killo<3 U are the best thing that never happen to my life. I know is stupid that i was just 12 years when i meet you and im saying all this. But i love you. With all my soul and my heart. I hope that one day. Maybe you will not marry me {But who know that} But im going to talk my little kids about you. You was my first love. Fuck Brian. It was you the only stupid who i can play the 'I love you more' ridiculousnes. It was you the one i sometimes want to have beside me and talk about all the things i can't talk with anyone beside you. I love you. Never gonna get tired about say i love you. Well thats all my dear. I just need to have something about you in my profile. And i also was needed to talk about you. You're my everything. I loved you then. I love you now. I will love you always. {I know that your brother is the one that like MileyCyrus and you like Bella Thorne., But you're my Nicky... and my Tristan.} Yeah, i still love you. No matter how much you hurt me. This little broken heart is yours. I hate that you confused me with the idea that maybe u was going to ask me another fucking time... 'The Question' But no, you want a real gf and you ask the question tu your ex girlfriend. Yeah im mad. No im not gonna stop to love you. One day a beautiful girl named MileyRayCyrus say: 'If someone is on your mind and you cant do that get off of it. Is for some reason. Its because you and the person are meant to be. Or just because that person lived with you, your happiest and ugliest moments.' Just remember that You're mine. You're mine so much as like One Direction are gay. You're gonna stop being mine the day that Harry and Louis stop loving each other. Love you forever. -Val
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Esta padre..!! Oie te acuerdas de mii soy Vaaniiaa..!!(:


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