" If you were a tree, I'd be the Earth. Clutching your roots, as you reach s k y w a r d " . . .♥

" If you were a tree, I'd be the Earth. Clutching your roots, as you reach s k y w a r d " . . .♥
Applejack: -Sigh- -Looks out the window & sees Applebloom running around trying to catch the pigs back in their animal barn- -Looks back at the red-pink ribbon that was Mother's- ...Ma will be proud of me. Applebloom deserves it. She barly knew ma, this will the only thing she remembered of her. -Closes her eyes as a tear sheds off her cheek- Well, here goes nothin'. -Walks out to Applebloom- Applebloom! Applebloom!..What in tarnation!? Applebloom: WATCH OUT SIS! AAH! -Bumps into Applejack- Aww! the piggie got away! Sis look what you-- Applejack: Oh darnet' Applebloom you got mud all over me! I just took a bath too! Oh, oh well. Applebloom, you gotta take a bath! you smell like a stink bug ridin' a skunk eating onions! Applebloom: -Giggles- Oh alright! I was just helpin' out grammy capture the piggies into their barn. Applebloom: That's mighty nice of you Applebloom, but today is your birthday. -Walking with Applebloom to the bathroom- You should be hangin' out with friends & enjoying the rest of your apple cake you had with the rest of the family. Applebloom: -Steps in the tub- But..you all are my friends. -Smile- Applejack: -Looks down- ..Oh Applebloom..You just love yer family alot don't cha? Come here im gonna scrub you clean!! Applebloom: -Laughs- Don't you dare sissy! You know your scrubs tickle me alot! -After the bath...- Applejack: -Dries Applebloom off- There! all dry & cozy. -Leaves towel on Applebloom- Applebloom: -Hair all puffy- -Laughs- Hey sis! sis! look at ma' hair! -Stops & notices the ribbon Applejack has under her hat- -Jumps up & grabs it- Applejack: A-Applebloom! now you know darn well not to be snatchin' people's belongins'! Applebloom: This isn't yours! It's mother's..how'd you get mom's ribbon sis? Applejack: -Sigh- C'mere sister, I gotta tell you something..-Sits behind Applebloom brushing her hair- The ribbon..it'sa gift from ma. Applebloom: Momma's givin' her ribbon to me!? Wow! It's so pretty! -Holds it in awe- Applejack: -Chuckles- Now she gave it to me first, but I decided to give it to you now..It's your time to wear the ribbon Applebloom. You take good care of it now..Applebloom: Oh, I'll be careful! Hey, maybe I can wear lotsa ribbons & earn a ribbon cutie mark! Applejack: Eheheh..maybe. But this ribbon is special. It was worn by the bravest, toughest, prettiest, nicest, & the most honest mother pony ever. -Slight smile as her voice cracks abit from saying all that.- Applebloom: Hey AJ..Is mama gonna visit my birthday this year? Applejack: -Looks down as she drops the brush slowly on the floor- N-No..She..--v-very busyy..this year. BUT, she told me to wish you a happy filly birthday, & give you the ribbon. It was hard to give it away but..ma loves you alot, & I do too. It was for the best..ya'know? -sniffle- Applebloom: ..Tell her I miss her & love her sissy. AJ: No problem Applebloom, one day we can both tell her that.. Applebloom: I can't wait sis!..-smile- Applejack: -Sniffle- -Gets the ribbon from Applebloom & starts pinning it to her red hair- Applebloom: I can only remember Ma's big ol' ribbon when I was a wee baby..Hey sister, tell me more about Ma. Applejack: -Sniffle- Well, she loved everyone in her family, heck, even treated her friends like family. Made no enemies, was strong & helped out with the apple farm till her hooves were sore. She was funny too, you should've seen her apple jokes! She was a great chef too! all those Apple recipes made by her! that'sa fact!..Oh..when she was pregnant with you, & with me, & with Big Mac long ago, she'd sing farm songs to us & we'd listen in her tummy. Some were funny songs, some were sad songs, some were cheerful songs..Applebloom: Can you sing me one tonight when it's bedtime? :D Applejack: -Laughs- Well sure Applebloom, Momma sang her songs to me at bedtime, along with stories, all the time.. Applebloom: You know sis..You remind me of mom. -warm smile- What do you think she's doing right now sissy? -Leans head on Applejack's head- Applejack: Oh she's somewhere..watchin' us.. makin' sure we act good..& keep our apple traditions goin'..being there for us in happy times, sad times..Applebloom: Is she workin' with Pony(Santa)Claus now? Applejack: -Soft chuckle- Nah..Although, she never wants us to act naughty now! Applebloom: -Giggle- So..is it true? Does she love all of us? Even daddy? Applejack: -Ears flatten- now pa might've left us, but yes, she loves him too. Treated all of us with love & support. Never had a favorite child, she cared for all of us, even if she was mad at one of us...Applebloom: ..Hey sis..I love you. I love all our family. Applejack: Me too Applebloom..I just know Ma is mighty proud of us & the family..
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Unfortunately wrote Applebloom 2 times just so use know,it's really good :D


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fff cute!!! >W< CX


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Thanks so much [:


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Cute x3


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