I'm A Walking Dead Woman & I Choose To Love It

I'm A Walking Dead Woman & I Choose To Love It
Email to 2 victim's who are brother's. We were probably the youngest at the conference. (In our 20's) The youngest brother has started taking med's and it's making him worst but, he write's children's poetry and to God. This guy had me in tears because he has the soul of a 8 year old boy. His big brother started to believe what his little brother was saying and he too became a victim of electronic harrassment and voice to skull. Unfortunately, thier parent's don't believe them. ******************************* One time I was assaulted with a device in the middle of the night while watching my little 7 year old cousin sleep. I think she sleeps wild but, she was moaning like she was having a bad dream and I freaked out. In was dark and we were in the living room and I didn't scream out loud because at that point I knew my thoughts were monitered. I just talked shit and put threats out there but, I was raging mad and the device paralzyed my body to the point where my arms balled up and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. So, I believe you. Over the weekend, I woke up to being assaulted on my private area's and the worst part is turning the t.v on and hearing my mom complain in the morning about how she see's the light from downstairs in her room. (We live in a loft) And she also says it runs up the light bill. It hurts for the most part but, I feel like no matter what happens...even if they mind control my mom into kicking me out, I will always love my mom and try to understand her point of view. Try to ease your brother's mind. Sooner or later, this all will be a thing of the past. (I hope) And maybe one day, victim's can heal or finally be able to deal with the psychological affects of being assaulted with electronic device's. Hopefully, one day people can live in peace. You have to be stronger than your little brother because if not, than you'll feel like you need medication, too. Motivate him to write poetry and keep doing what he's doing, which is staying close to God. You have to ateast share your brother's poetry with people because his has a beautiful soul and people need to see that targeted individuals are not terrorist's, we are God people. One day, Target Individual's won't feel defeated, we will where our wounds like army men do except we can really be proud of ourselves because most of us are peace fighter's. We don't think killing people is the solution for peace.
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Direct TV is a bitch. While being assaulted this song came on. It could be a coincidence but, I get too many of those to believe so. Turn off the t.v & radio's and ease your mind.

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