Patrick mansion9.Torn between two lovers again.

Patrick mansion9.Torn between two lovers again.
Patrick woke up with a start. He took a quick look at his surroundings and soon noticed he was bck safe in his bedroom. Soon the maid walked through the door with a tray of orange juice,cereal,toast,waffles and a couple of homemade pumpkin squares. 'Yay pumpkin squares'!,Patrick squeled rising from the bed to sieze the tray.Quckly jumping back down noticing he wasnt decent. The maid tried her hardest not to laugh as patrick blushed with a smirk.She laid down the tray on his bed. 'Eat up patrick',She said,'Andy wants you in good shape today'! 'Huh?,why'?,patrick asked diving into is plate of pumpin squares. 'The big concert with alice remember lunchbox'!,Andy called walking,is dressig gown hair dripping wt from th shower. 'Oh man!,I totaly forgot'!,Parick worried. 'Dude,dude calm down k'!,Andy said brushing his hair,water flyning everywhere. 'Man u need to cut tht',Patrck laughed. 'Well,if it gets th lady's im leavin it!,but an dont worry ive alredy got you outfit ready,'Andy sed snapping hi fingers as anohe midwalked in',Sexy right?' Patrick again blushed but loved the outfit o his handsome white jacke and black skinnies. 'And sun glasses!,desighner!,'andy annonced. 'But arent we going to england?'.patrick asked puzzled knowing rain is a big chance to happen. 'Dude,if you want to impress alice,you need sunglasses!' Patrick bushed again. You alright patrick?Face i red like a belsiha beacon?' 'Will you leave it andy im just hot'. 'Oh okay man,but hurry up th limo wil be here soon to take us to the airport,oh yh youre mettin pete there too.That ok'? 'Sure.k man' Patricks heart raced at the thought of the whole tour. Pete and alice were racing round his mind ina giannt swirl.He took a great swig of his orange jiuce a jumped out of bed to the shower. Halfway through shampooing his sideburns he heard clicking at the window.Peerigut the shower curtain he tried his best to see through th window.He just about made out a hoodie and black hair.'Pete',Patrick whispered to himself. He quickly finished up and ran outside in his dressing gown and slippers avoiding all the maids,security,and andy. 'Pete,what are you doing here'? 'Well i just-',petes eyes dropped from patricks face,'Woah man!,Where are your clothes dude'! Patrick quickly wrapped his arms round the gown.But soon a heavy wind blew and burst up his gown. 'Woah man'!,Pete laughed,'Where are your pants man'! 'Well you interupted me!,i was in the shower'! Patrick covered himslef and pete let out a disapointed sigh. 'So u redy yet trick'? 'No man look at me'! 'Dude the limo's on its way'! Andy waltzed outside hurling bags at patrick. 'ouch man'! 'C'mon get a move on patrick!,Dont worry ive packed your stuff'! Patrick ran inside the wind blowing up te bakc of his gown exposing a ripe peach. Wow man hes bee working on that,pete whtought to himslef smirlking. Patrick son ran ot of the building looking dapper and luging an armful of mags and his i-pod. 'C'mon man letsge moving here'!!!!,andy soted out of the limo window,Pete in histerics next to him. Sonn they arrived at the aiport. 'Man where are the stalls!' 'Calm down patrick',Pete soothed wotching patrick buy the biggest bouqet at the flower stall and grabbing some chocolate. 'It isnt valentines yet'!Pete laughed as they clmb up onto the areoplane. 'Well i need to bring Alice SOMETHING'! The air hostess wandered past and fastened patrick and petes seatbelts. 'Ouch something spiked me'!,She squeled leaping up as pete lughed. 'Sorry lady'. 'God pete',Patrick mumbled as she totterd off in her heels',Can you just b o you best behavoiur'? 'Ill try,but when im around you trick,its hard!' Patrick laughed at petes little jokes an settled into an article about prince as pete ate his peanuts. sorry if there are loads of spelling mistakes i hope you understand this episode its just blingee was playing up big time.
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4965日 前
loveing this episode alice it ROCKS! 

Face is red like a belsiha beacon?' 'Will you leave it andy im just hot'

I lafed at this...thts copyright!!! (lol tht made me laf so much!!!) 

And tht was soooooooooo naughty about the airhostess and the so called "spike" ALICE THT WAS A CLASSIC!!!


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