Angel Wings-1A, Black/White (593X489), Opaque, Animated

Angel Wings-1A, Black/White (593X489), Opaque, Animated
Black/White Angel Wings modified from original print, sized to 593X489 pixels, saved as GIF (.gif) image file, 3.11 MB, and set for a 50 millisecond delay between images, set for continuous loop. Transparency/Opaque, sizing, and animation made using "GIMP" software/freeware. Color/hue/saturation, contrast/brightness, sharpness/detail enhanced using "PhotoFiltre 7" software/freeware. "Screensaver" simulated animation made using 36 layers & 36 different images of incremental color hues covering the visible spectrum, converted to greyscale.
アップした人: mtlonewolf


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