Happy Late Valentines Day ~ Kennresa, Cartran, Kyvi & Stendy!

Happy Late Valentines Day ~ Kennresa, Cartran, Kyvi & Stendy!
This is one of my favorite recolors I ever done!! I didn't recolor the Stendy one though, it looks perfect as it is x3 Hope you like this picture! --- Vivi: *Hanging out with Wendy, Me, & afew others girls trying to get more friends that are girls* Vivi: So...Do you play Call Of Duty? Me: Sometimes ^^' Wendy: Little, I don't like it too much. Too many n00bs play it I guess Bebe: Who cares about that! Kyle: *Smiling & has a gift for Vivi & walks towards her* Wendy: Anyone buy a gift for their boyfriend? Vivi: *Pulls out 20 bucks* I forgot to give him a gift, i'll give him 20 dollars ^^|| Me: D-Don't worry! he'll love the money! I hope i wasn't being racist.. Kyle: Hey Vivi ^^ I know how you & me..don't like V-day, because its cheap & only to sell crappy candy but..i decided to give you that new MLP set you wanted. Just because alot of the guys are giving gifts to their GFs today & i decided to do the same. Just to show my love 4 you. Girls: YOU LIKE MLP!? Vivi: *o* *cough* U-Um thanks..but I-- Girls: Thats so cute!!!!! Kyle: *chuckles smiling big* It was hard to get, but i succeeded to get it..just..for you. Cartman: Must of been hard because you're Jewish! Kyle: Shut up fat retard! Vivi: ..*nervous* ..I love it. Thanks. Girls: O0O0O! Vivi: T///T Kyle: *Scratches his head & scoots closer to Vivi handing her the gift* G-Glad you like it.. Vivi: *Leans head near his* No problem..but next time, try not to give a mlp thing to me near the girls, now they think im..really girly. Kyle: Oops.. Vivi: Still, its great. Heres 20 bucks. Cruddy gift I know.. Kyle: Thats how much i had to pay to get you the MLG set! thanks xD //Kenny: Theresa! I got you some chocolates =3 Me: Huh? Oh yummy! but..my family has tons of chocolates @ home.. Kenny: Its special though..i got them from that s*x shop down the street >;) Me: O-O''..*Does call me sign* Hey..how about you..throw those chocolates away, hang out at my house tonight..watch some scary movies and..maybe we'll makeout *giggles* Seriously though throw out the chocolates plz ^^|| Kenny: *drools & jumps in air* Hell yes! woo! Me: *Smiles & giggles* Oh Kenny, you always seem to make my day.. *huggies him & gets jumped in the air as he holds me tight still jumpy* Me: >///< // Fran: *Sees Wendy kiss Stan's cheek as Stan gave her a cute gift* *Sigh* Dammit..too late for moi to give him my gift now..~ *Looks over at Cartman and sees he has nothing* Oh Eric~ you want my chocolates? I was gonna give them to Stan but...~ Cartman: Hell no, I don't want your stupid chocolates. And I don't want your heart, you're ugly! Fran: EXCUSE ME!? IM NOT UGLY! Cartman: Yes U R! I don't need love! I don't need anybody! stupid hippies & Jews getting all the love, when a big-boned guy like me gets jack sh*t..*walks away annoyed* Don't follow meh! Fran: ..*Does anyway* You're obviously just saying that! im superrr pretty~! <3 how can u not like me!? Cartman: *Crosses his arms & is in aloned place w/ Fran* ..I do like you. Idiot, you fell right in my trap blonde. Fran: ..Hm?~ Where are we? Cartman: ..A.. secret place i was meaning to..um..take the girl I like to..so i can..kiss them. *plays w/ fingers with a tint of blush on his cheeks* Fran: How cute~..so you don't think im ugly? Cartman: Nah i was teasein' you..you're cute.*Takes the chocolates & kisses Fran on the cheek* Fran: *giggles* If you're gonna kiss me, do it right big boy~ *kisses Cartman on the lips* Cartman: O///o'.. *Stops kissing & slowly walks out to his friends* ..GUESS WHAT! I GOT LAID! HAHAHA, I BET YOU NEVER GOT LAID YET KAHL! Kyle: WTF!? Kenny: Lucky assh**.. Fran: W-WHAT!? O///O'
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