Nobody knows
what the future may hold.
As a human we may live or die,
but that is our journey that we
may suddenly experience.

life is not worth hate its about making peace

this is her;

she thinks..about anythingshe draws..what she sees

she writes..her feelings

she reads..crime

she watches..her life go by

she dreams..wonderful things

she works..@ Livingston Maccas

she bitches..but it is a dislike

shes honest..perfer to tell the truth then lie

she tries..to forgive & forget

she cries..but those emotions will never be told

she listens..to give advice in return

she dances..with energy

shes not perfect..so who isn't?

shes an unique individual 

shes positive never negative

she models..with a clear concious

she smells..like britney spears fantasy

she gossips..but thats only if she can tell

shes mysterious & secretive-my moods change a lot

she talks..a lot more on msn or when she is bored

shes tall..either 160cm or 165cm

she hates..the word hate

shes afraid..of death

she speaks..her mind

shes waiting..for that boy♥

another year begins 2007..
to be unwritten, but
sooner or later
to be told. 


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