All About me!

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(If you know any animes that i may like plz comment... thanks!)

If anyone wants to call me by my nickames i dont mind: kobato-chan, kate (not my real name), or kate-chan :)

Age: 13

Birthday: April 11

Horoscope: Aries

Zodiac sign: Dragon

Country: united states

Love:  play sports, soccer, basketball, track and field, watch anime, do dance, being outdoors, playing on the computer, making blingees, Watch tv, listen to music, Christmas break, draw, sing, 

Hate: bad hair days, bugs (some types), jazz music,

Color(s): orange, red, and yellow

Animal(s): owl, cat, dog, and tiger

Movie: The Heart of Christmas

Tv show: I Love Lucy (old show)

Song: the heart of christmas by: Mathew west

Band: Green Day and One Direction

One direction guy: Harry

Anime/manga: all of them

Holiday: Christmas

Pie: lemon merang pie

Anime guy: all 

Anime girl: all

Artist (song writter): Taylor Swift

Artist (painter): Vincent Van Gogh

Country(-ies): France, Mexico, and Japan

Food: Pizza and Ramen

Anime genres: romance,comedy,action,a part of drama,slice of life,fantasy,a bit of dark,and... basically everything!

Book: Maxinum Ride by James Patterson 

۩_۞_۩_Full Metal Alchemist_۩_۞_۩

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anime girl- Love Ya!
anime boy (yaoi)- I Love You




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For all my friends


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Hi! Please Vote For Me. ~Thx♥


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This is for you:
It's a blingee for all my friends ;D


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en mettant en peinture j'ai du débrancher mon internet et après l'avoir remis bonne nouvelle j'ai eu le droit de voter à nouveau du coup tu as des palmes d'argent et or


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That's for you,I hope you'll like it!


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