If you purchase the general variation Honda Civic, the headlight will certainly come with halogen bulbs. On grandjdm.com, they just mount the Auxbeam LED on a 2015 Honda Civic. The Led light bulbs are 6000K with 4800-lumen outcome.

According to the grandjdm.com review, the bulb is gold-plated if I bear in mind correctly and then it has, of course, more LEDs on it. The o-ring around the light bulb keeps the moisture out as well as make a great plus. For the light beam, this is how they said:

" That LED lights in the flooring which is an excellent thing however right here. It's with a whole lot of road lights, it's actually light up.

Trust it or not, I think this item is still worth to acquire, the rate is great compared to other brand name vendors. By the way, they supply two years guarantee for quality.

 Article Source: Efficiency Testing AUXBEAM LED HEADLIGHTS ON 2015 HONDA CIVIC 

Go to: https://www.grandjdm.com/2019/04/19/auxbeam-led-review-honda-led-install/


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