Hello everyone! I'm not overly active on here, but I do come back from time to time. I hope you enjoy my content, and I will leave links to my other sites and profiles I am on a bit more frequently somewhere below. I am a music lover, artist, and professional fangirl XD

Stay kawaii <3

DEVIANTART- http://shadowsgirl9.deviantart.com/
WE<3IT- http://weheartit.com/shadowsgirl9
INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/shadowsgirl9/

----[]---- put this
----[]---- on your
----[]---- profile
[][][][][] if you're
----[]---- not embarrassed
----[]---- to tell
----[]---- others that
----[]---- you believe in
----[]---- God.

We All Have Two Eyes To see with
Two Legs To Walk With
Two Hands To write with
Two Nostrils to smell with
Two Lungs To Breath With
So Why do we only have one heart to love with?
because our loving God gave the other to someone else for you to find.

.....//^ ^\\
Add this dog to your page if you're against animal cruelty!!!!!!! 

вяєαк тнє яυℓєѕ..♥
αи∂ ѕтαи∂ αραят..♥
ιgиσяє уσυя нєα∂..♥
αи∂ fσℓℓσω уσυя..♥

(*•.¸´•.¸♥α вяσкєη нєαят ιѕ ℓιкє α вяσкєη мιяяσя. ιт ιѕ вєттєя тσ ℓєανє ιт вяσкєη тнєη нυят уσυяѕєℓƒ тяуιηg тσ ƒιχ ιт♥¸.•´¸.•*¨)


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Xion ad Namine




669日 前
║  Which Greek God is your parent? 
║ ►Zeus, Apollo or Hades?   
║  Who will be the winning team?   
║    *¨*נσιи ιи тнιѕ gяσυρ!♥*¨*
║  http://blingee.com/group/91030
║  ∞Here you can introduce yourself∞
║ http://blingee.com/group/91030/topic/114179


966日 前
⇣ joιn pleaѕe! ⇣
✿✻✿ ғιnal ғanтaѕy loverѕ ✿✻✿


968日 前
Thanks for joining my group of flower lovers,
feel free to add as many blingees as you want to



1577日 前
bienvenida a mi circulo espero que seamos buenos amigos y aquí te dejo algunas de mis creaciones



1784日 前
Hey :D
Remember me? It's me, Samurott!
You know how I have been a bit mean with a lot of anger issues? That's gone now. Minecraft youtube videos have apparently changed me! Btw I play Minecraft now :)


1805日 前
It's okay,you can ask me whatever you want!I love to talk with people!I don't bite.XD
First thank you so much!I'm happy you like my work.I really like to play with stamps and to add a lot of details.When I'm making a blingee,first I make a background,not too complex.After that I choose main stamp(for example,anime girl) and then,I throw around butterflies,flowers and stuff in some order I like,but not to be too messy.I just go by the mood and feelings.:)


1832日 前
Welcome back!Don't worry,your profile and your blingees still exist!We can see them!It's sad you can't access your old account anymore,but the good thing is that all your work is still visible and nothing isn't deleted.Now continue your blingee making with smile,keep improving and,the most important,have fun!You have my support!<3


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