when you smile i smile

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And when you smile, the whole world stops! (For Sabrina!)
When you smile I smile even when you're happy, I'm happy too, when you cry, I cry with you and comfort you.
Justin Bieber-When You Smile I Smile.....Bieberfever956
One Direction.♥ {What Makes You Beautiful}
When you smile , I smile <3
When You smile I melt inside - Dan & Serena (Gossip Girl)
When You Smile....
I though i'd never see the day,when you smile at me! [Taylor, Hayley & Zac of Paramore]
just the way you are
~♥~ SebasuChan ~ When I See You Smile ♥ ~♥~
when you cry i will fight to put a smile on your face
And when you smile, I smile :) ♥