stefan and lexi vampire diaries

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Katherine And Stefan
Blood is thicker than water!
Whet your appetite! [The Vampire Diaries Season 3]
you're the reason my heart is beating![Elena&Stefan!]
Bloody vampire in love(LOVE GOTH STORY,READ IT)
The Vampire Diaries challenge,Original by Oº°‘¨ ዠippվርዠiርk33 ¨‘°ºO.
We stick together as one, Always and Forever!
justo a tiempo
Tenetur per sanguinem! (Bound by blood)
* { Crash and fall into this night with me } * The Vampire Diaries love sucks * Delena Kiss ♥ *
Nina Dobrev (red carpert)
Let the flames Begin! [Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder]